After scaling his first business to six figures in under two years, Dylan Blyuss discovered a passion for helping others in the sales industry achieve success. Dylan founded and scaled the World Class Sales Agency to over 100 full-time sales executives responsible for over $30 million in sales. And with hopes of scaling the company further to $100 million in sales and helping to build over 100 remote sales teams across the world, Dylan has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Dylan started his first business when he was only 16, quickly moving from window cleaning to door-to-door sales. As his company grew, he onboarded friends to help with the cleaning services and sales reps to duplicate his sales efforts. After a few months of focusing his efforts on door-to-door sales, Dylan was bringing in $15,000 a month. That’s when he knew he was onto something.

From there, Dylan hired sales reps to duplicate his sales efforts, allowing him to focus on management and leadership, ultimately scaling the business to just shy of seven figures in two years. During this time, he noticed a gap in the market and a passion within himself to fill it. He explains, “While building my door-to-door sales business, I realized that online education was starting to boom. I also realized that these online educators had nobody to sell their programs or products.” Thus, World Class Sales Agency was born.

Now one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, World Class Sales Agency builds remote sales teams for online coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Dylan has partnered with another sales trainer to scale the agency to over 100 full time sales executives responsible for $30 million in sales. They provide seasoned sales executives for those in the online training space, increasing both leads and sales exponentially. Through consistent content creation, sales value, and client success, the agency has positioned themselves to be thought leaders in the space.

It is precisely this niche in the market that Dylan credits for his rapid success. With a desire to become the anchor in the marketplace for building strong sales teams, he was inspired to build his company at a fast pace, meeting a need in the marketplace that no one else was solving. By providing seasoned sales executives for those in the online training space, they are able to effectively increase both leads and sales for each of their clients.

Although this rapid rate of growth has challenged Dylan in many ways, it has also opened up a world of opportunity to help others achieve success in the sales industry. He provides sales training and consulting, teaching businesses, coaches, and entrepreneurs how to build effective sales systems, get better leads, and ultimately close more deals. Through it all, he remains motivated by the impact he can have on other companies and ambitious salespeople. He says, “From the very first lead all the way to getting thousands of leads, I coach them every step of the way.”

Looking to the future, Dylan plans to scale the sales agency to $100 million in sales. He also hopes to build over 100 remote sales teams across the world for businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

To learn more about Dylan, follow him on Instagram. Dlyan blyuss