I just arrived home from my morning walk. Being outside early in the day, before most people are awake is a gift I like to give myself.

It is quiet, peaceful and cool (this time of year :)).

Reflecting on my walk I realized that the true gift is that of my attention.

When I’m out, on my own, my breathing changes and deepens. I actually notice the birds singing and the squirrels climbing the trees. I see the flowers and plants – the colours and shapes and smells. It nurtures a part of me that I don’t always even see or realize is there.

I recently learned about Forest Bathing on the BeMoreWithLess blog and then did some more reading. – the tradition and some of the benefits. Check out this article in the Boston Globe.  Apparently, you don’t have to be in a much of a forest to Forest Bathe – while there is much more to it, if you start with being mindful, and notice your surroundings, you are beginning the process. You can even do it in the city.

A connection with nature (even when it is a tiny space in the middle of the city) leads to less stress and more peace – and if you struggle with over-scheduling and busy-ness like so many of us do, making time to SLOOOOOOWWWWW DOOOOWWWWWNNNN and be in nature supports you to be more purposeful and quiet. You can even do it at lunch time or step away from your desk in the early afternoon.

So in the hopes to connect more with the power of nature:

  • How will you plan to connect with nature in some way or another?
  • When will you create this experience for yourself?


PS. Comment to share your experiences. I love to hear from you about how you are creating your intentions in your life. You can read more at www.silverraincoaching.com/blog