There is a balance within the atmosphere. I can feel it when nature appears. Flowers have a way of teaching, demonstrating, and intertwining in the balance of, 2! It is a number, where harmony is permitted to reign. Time and time again, we learn about the feeling of inner and outer harmony. If only more songs depicted the feelings of walking, performing, living, and Being in physical and Spiritual balance.

Still moving through the waters of Vietnam. Oh, what a beauty we have arrived, upon. For two maidens of Vietnamese gardens are personifying balance in feminine gardens. They are reminding the world the power of feminine harmony in Vietnam. It’s artsy amplifies the land; reminding the world of her gardens and herstory, outside of the political sphere; and political pastimes.

In their dances of comfort, lays a song called “Two Flowers.” Translation in Vietnamese: Hai Hoa. Stop. Wait. Ponder for a second. A phenomenon has been captured through the art of a photograph. Can you imagine its floatation in song? Can you treasure its imitation all the day long? Stop and imagination for all to see. In the balance of two, lays an elegant eternity.