Photo from Unsplash by Kayla Maurais

SAGE. Sacred Air of God’s Earth. Sage for the body & mind. Did you have a stressful day? Burn some sage. Soon earth’s soothing zone will welcome you.

I used to try all different types of incense such as Satya’s collection: Nag Champa, Patchouli, and Sandalwood incense. Right now I’m focused on sage. My Irish roots are the reason why I’m drawn to this sacred plant.
I love the earthy woodsy smell of sage. This plant intrigues me so I went online to research the history of sage & some of it’s benefits.

White Sage or “Salvia Apiana”-
There are several types of sage yet white sage is more known and popular. White sage or salvia apiana is grown in the U.S. and in Europe. Did you know this particular sage is also called bee sage? Salvia is from the Latin word “salvere” which means “health.” The Latin word “apiana” means ” belonging to bees.” Hence the name bee sage and they receive nectar from the flowers (1).

Mediterranean Sage or “Salvia Officinalis”-
Whereas the Mediterranean sage is known as “salvia officinalis” and it’s grown in
the U.S. and Europe. As mentioned above “salvia” in Latin means health and is an official herbal medicine.

You may have heard one of the herbs the Native Americans use for purification and in their prayer life is sage. According to Native News Online, “Smudging is the process of burning dried plants or other natural elements and then using the smoke to cleanse themselves, objects, or even places.” “Elders say that smudging both decreases human odor and purifies and prepares a person to communicate with the supernatural.” (2)

Sage Varieties & Europe-
According to the Eagle Condor Alliance (ECA),
“There are over 900 species of sage and [they] can be found around the globe.  In the areas pertaining to present-day Ireland and Britain, the Celtic people used sage in combination with oak moss ceremonially and to heal members of their community.” (3)

Gaelic Tradition-
Emma, the owner of Boudica‚Äôs Botanicals, who bundles sage and a variety of herbs together mentions, ” The tribal people of Scotland passed on their knowledge, medicines and faerie tales down through the generations in the oral traditions of the native Gaelic tongue.” (4 )

Mood Lifter-
If life is stressful you may want to burn some sage. According to Healthline, “A 2016 research project for the University of Mississippi established that white sage (Salvia apiana) is rich in compounds that activate certain receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for elevating mood levels, reducing stress, and even alleviating pain.” (5)

Wild Sage & Protecting The Species-
Finding wild sage is the best.
Although there are some good alternatives such as sage bamboo incense sticks.

There is a growing concern of the plant going extinct. A good practice is to support those who gather wild sage in a respectful way. This means not over harvesting sage so to protect the species.

As you explore the many benefits of sage it is my hope you will hold close the sacredness of this herb.