Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to turning off the light and settling in on a cozy pillow, but like most, I occasionally have those evenings where I cannot get my mind to settle down. I find myself still trying to deal with loose ends, fixating on what must get accomplished tomorrow, and plot bunnies seem to appear from nowhere. I’m a writer, and sometimes my muse chooses to speak at the most inopportune times.

There are a few things that I do that help to settle my ever problem-solving mind. While I do spend a few moments in morning meditation and writing out my daily gratitudes, I also do the same about an hour before I go to bed. I find a quiet space, turn off my phone after checking my calendar, no television, and I do some light breathing exercise, helping me to relieve the stress of the day. I tell myself to let go, just simply that, breathe in energy, let go of the negative that accumulated during the day. I grab my journal and write down three things that were positive. It doesn’t matter what it was, it could be a cute animal in the yard, watching the clouds, the gorgeous sunset at the end of the day, or something that just brought a smile to my face. By doing this, I’ve gotten in the habit of seeing the good in each day, regardless of my circumstances. By doing that, my mind actually focuses on something pleasant instead of fussing over the small stuff.

I also faithfully read at least a chapter or two of a favorite book. I am lucky enough to have a pet that loves to come and hop up on the bed with me and snuggle in, and it is in a way our storytime together. There is just something about the sound of soft purring that lulls one into a sweet state. I much prefer that to the blaring of a tv, and it is so much healthier not to be engaged in the latest headlines.

Before finally turning off the light, I grab a little lavender scented essential oil and roll it on the back of my neck. Not only does it ease tension, but the subtle scent also helps to send you off to dreamland.

Sweet Dreams!