You’ve probably heard about daily morning rituals to help set you up for success, but what about daily night routines? With science telling us that our nighttime routines can double as a creative outlet, help us clear our minds, and set us up for sleep, can we afford to neglect this time of our day?Here are some of our tips to creating a bedtime routine that will have you waking up feeling better.

Give Yourself Time To Wind Down: One of the most important routines is to take time to wind down and decompress from the day. Now more than ever, there are enormous pressure and demands to excel in all areas of our lives- be it the perfect parent, colleague, partner and it is imperative to take some time off to oneself as the day comes to a close.

Put The Gadgets Away: There’s a good reason why we hear again and again to put away the screens at bedtime. Now more than ever we know the impact of blue light on sleep quality and alertness, and we know that even just a few more seconds of glaring at phones and tablets may hamper our sleep.

Take A Warm Bath: A warm bath or shower about an hour or two before bedtime has always done wonders to help me relax in time for bed. It just seems to set the body right for bed. If you find yourself in need of some extra relaxation, you can also try adding some lavender oil to the water.

Eat A Light, Pre-Bedtime Snack: While heavy foods and big meals or snacks consumed right before bed can disrupt sleep, eating a light, a pre-bedtime snack will help you relax and sleep well if you are feeling hungry.

Read A Book: Do you prefer a more engaging activity to do before bed? Try unwinding each night by curling up with a good book — but try to avoid any exciting page-turners that might keep you up. Reading until dozing works best for some: by then, they are already more than halfway there…..

Journaling: Before bed, take out your journal and write down anything that did not go as you’d hoped that day. Then, rewrite an alternative ending, which helps to visualize a different outcome, and calms your mind. Reflect on positive outcomes in the day such as someone who helped you, someone you helped, something you learnt, and gratitude. You may want to record your responses before going to bed which helps to recognize all of the good in your life.

Create An Ambience: Perhaps lighting a scented candle of your choice or dimming the light or spritz the air with a preferred essential oil spray and enjoying the atmosphere naturally helps you transition to rest.

Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Night: Going to bed at the same time helps you create a routine for yourself which also helps the body to naturally retire at this time. Getting enough sleep and keeping the sleep cycle regular is known to be beneficial. Not only does this help make the timing of you getting sleepy consistent, but it’ll also help you sleep better in the long run, too.

Say A Prayer Of Thanksgiving: Connecting to a higher being and being thankful for the little things in life can create a great feeling and a sense of gratitude. This calms you down and makes you look forward to the next day with much hope.

Cuddle Your Partner: Perhaps a truly affectionate gesture towards a spouse or simple cuddling might produce a relaxing climate for a great night’s sleep.