There’s more to feeling joyful then enjoying your weekend. Happiness and laughter can actually trigger healthy responses within your body. When you’re happy, you can strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, protect yourself against the effects of stress, and decrease pain.

When you’re happy, you’re more relaxed. Decreasing physical tension is beneficial for all your muscles, including your heart. Stress is linked to a wide range of conditions and ailments.When you’re laughing and enjoying yourself, you actually decrease stress hormones. The best part about happiness and joy, is it’s free and easy to implement into your life.

Connect with Nature

We get so caught up in our hectic lives, that sometimes we forget to enjoy what’s all around us. Nature has so much to offer your spirit. There’s something so captivating about being outdoors. Many have lost their connection to nature, which is highly unfortunate.

The natural world is so interesting and beautiful. There’s so much to discover and explore. Try to get outside each night for a brisk walk; fresh air can do wonders. Plan a camping trip with your family, as there are so many wonders within nature.

Seek Out Joy

If you’re unhappy, look at your current situation. Do you get up, go to work, then come home and watch TV? Although this is ‘relaxing’ after a long day at work, you need to actively search for joy. You have to seek out activities, people, and events, that would make you feel fulfilled and joyful.

Sit down and make a list. What would bring your life meaning? Once you figure that out, set goals. Allow yourself to reach pivotal moments. If learning photography would bring you joy, then create an action plan. What is it that you need to do?

Once you create your action plan, put it into motion. If volunteering brings you joy, get out there. Find a cause that means something to you, then find related volunteer work. Nothing will come to you, you need to seek out what’s important to your personal happiness.

Feel Grateful

Sometimes we forget how lucky we really are. Did you have a nutritious breakfast before starting your day? Take a few moments each day to think about all the joyous things in your life.

When you feel grateful, you feel alive. Gratitude can do so much for your body and mind. If there are key aspects of your life missing, then work towards achieving your goals. However, do not ignore the aspects of your life that already bring you joy.

There are so many instances when people say they’ll be happy when… Why not be happy now? “I’ll be happy when I find a boyfriend.” “I’ll be happy when I retire.” Focus on being happy now, not when your life list is complete. When you focus on being happy, the rest will fall into place. Life is too short, so appreciate the little things.

Recreate Your Belief System

Believing in yourself is vital. We create our own reality, so make sure you’re not set in your beliefs if they’re hindering your growth. You do not always need to accept and live with the cards that you were dealt, there are always options.

As humans, we tend to stick to false beliefs. However, no belief is set in stone. What beliefs are holding you back from experiencing and achieving more? You need to embrace positive beliefs. Do you think you’re incapable of running a marathon? Do you think you’re incapable of losing weight?

Think about where these beliefs came from, are they valid? Think about letting go of these beliefs, especially if they’re holding you back. There’s so much to achieve and enjoy, do not let inaccurate beliefs hold you back.

Allow Joy Into Your Life

You can experience more joy in your life, you just need to make a conscious effort. Focus on the key components in your life that already bring you joy. Can you build upon those joys? Stop to think about how grateful you are for these joyous aspects. Your family and health are two great places to focus on.

Areas that you’d like to change, can and will change when you put forth the time and effort. Joy is something that you need to create for yourself. Most importantly, you need to allow yourself to feel joy and happiness. You deserve to be happy, so get motivated. Appreciate what you have, while actively seeking out bigger and better opportunities.