Many people say that moving to a new house is one of the top ten hardest things they had to do. And, when you add children to the mix, you get a really stressful situation. However, does moving really need to be that nerve-wracking? It turns out that you can have a smooth and even fun move with kids if you have a good plan of attack. Here’s a little guide that will come in handy during your move and ensure everything goes without your entire family ending up in tears.

Have a serious talk

A waterfall of tears and wailing can be avoided if you just sit down with your kids and have a little talk. Explain months in advance that you will move to a new and even better and more fun home. But don’t rush to state all the things that will be different. Kids love things they are familiar with and they make them feel safe and protected. So, concentrate on pointing out that most things will stay the same and that you will move all their things to a new location. However, explain that moving is something you simply need to do. You can also take them on a tour of the new house and neighborhood so that they know what to expect (make sure to visit an ice cream shop in the area to lift everyone’s spirits).

Have a moving party

A great way to provide everyone with closure is to have a goodbye party. You can grab a camera and take photos of the house and neighborhood, bring some souvenirs and take a final walk around the block. Once you’re done with the photo shoot, put the album together and make the last photo a photo of your new house. Make sure to be positive and your kids will pick up your energy and feel excited.

Stick to the schedule

Don’t let your family routines suffer because of the move. If you start in advance and come up with a good plan, you’ll have enough time for family dinners and game nights. This will give kids a sense of consistency that’s always reassuring.

Involve them in the moving process

Sure, kids can’t do too much, but there are always things they can box up, label and help carry. If you rent a good moving vehicle, the whole shebang might be even more interesting for kids. For instance, Budget truck hire offers all sorts of practical moving utes, vans and trucks that will delight the kids and ensure an easy relocation. Show them the interior, let them toot the horn and help stack and organize the boxes in the cargo area. Driving in a new and large vehicle can be a real adventure for youngsters!

Set up a familiar space

Once you unload your truck, start unboxing by setting up a nice playroom for kids. This will be the most interesting part for them, so allow them to help with the toys and stack them the way they want. You can also let them play with cardboard boxes and encourage them to make all sorts of forts and creations. When they have a comfortable and fun place to play, you can continue with setting up the rest of the house. Check up on them regularly and you’ll probably see them playing in peace, not even paying attention to what to do.

Let them help with decoration

Older kids will feel much more included in the entire moving process if you allow them to have a say in a few decorative items. You can consult them about the color of the living room rug, let them pick their room wall paint and create a furniture layout they like. However, don’t let them choose whatever they want. You don’t want to end up with a polka dot rug in your lounge. Present them with a few choices you feel comfortable with and allow them to make the final decision.

Treat them to something nice

If your kids behave during the move, make sure to reward their good behavior with something they’ve always wanted. For instance, get them a fish tank, a dollhouse or a musical instrument and every time you have guests around, they will hurry to show off their new stuff. Encourage kids to invite a few of their friends over and they will instantly feel more proud of their house.

Don’t expect to have a perfect move, no matter how much you plan. But, these tips will definitely help with making the entire experience a much more pleasant affair both for you and your little ones.