I have discovered such term as “smart ping” recently, and I thought it could be interesting to some of you, so let me share the main idea.

Each sales manager needs to push the client regularly

Unfortunately, it’s not working well when we just send endless “Hi, did you have a chance to look through the presentation?” This message will get lost among many other similar ones.

Here comes the “smart ping” — when you don’t just remind the client about yourself but provide some update, some useful information or try to find a new approach which could interest the client.

Here are the examples:

1) “Hi, did you have a chance to look through the presentation about Getloyal?

By the way, last week we’ve connected a couple of new traffic sources with really good results — that is really new, it is not available in other retargeting engines”.

2) “Hi, I wanted to share our new article about retargeting on our blog. It covers some questions about analytics which I mentioned last time. I think it could be interesting.

By the way, did you have a chance to look through the presentation?”

3) “Hi, did you have a chance to look through the presentation?

By the way, it will be the White Nights Conference in St. Petersburg soon, our Executive Director will be there. Are you going to visit it? Just in case, we have a promo code with 20% discount”.

From my practice, it works really well. Now I know that it has a special name — smart ping.

What to write about

Yeah, sometimes it can be tricky to come up with the idea what to write about. There are some tips:

  1. Read a company newsletter and industry news to be aware of what’s going on;
  2. Ask the marketing team about what’s going on with your content marketing, what’s new can be shared;
  3. Ask product owners of new products what to write about.

One more lifehack

For certain products, it sometimes can be useful to write several emails in advance and use it in a chain. For example, for some product it can be like this:

  1. In the first email, you write about key advantages for the client.
  2. In the second email, you describe some specific feature more deeply.
  3. In the third one, you describe another specific feature which can be interesting for the client.

By the way, you can try using Rebump for Gmail in order to set up such smart email chains.

Please, share your experience how you remind the clients about your company, products or services.

Originally published at journal.thriveglobal.com