Do you ever find that after you eat a fresh salad, garden herbs or natural quality foods; you simply feel better? I always used to think that people felt better after eating these types of foods because they were just “fresh and new”, not canned or loaded with fats. The reason that the human body enjoys raw foods or “fresh” foods more… is simple. Our bodies understand them. Here is how it works…

Our bodies consist of life-force energy called Prana or Chi (Qi). Sound frou-frou to you? Well actually it’s real. It’s science. Albert Einstein said it best with his popular equation (E=MC2), which means that Energy is Mass vibrating at the speed of light (life force energy).

“Everything in Life is Vibration.” — Albert Einstein

So why do our vibrating bodies enjoy fresh natural foods more than a can of fruit or a frozen pizza? It is because fresh foods vibrate. For example fresh produce and fresh herbs vibrate up to a level of up to 30 HZ and dried herbs up to a level of 25 HZ. These foods all have a vibration frequency, sending life giving energy straight to our cells, organs, and tissue. Eating ‘’organic’’ is even better for you, due to the fact that organic foods contain up to 10x the mineral content.

Canned foods, processed foods, and GMO foods; all vibrate at O HZ! Simply put, they are not doing anything for your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. These foods are typically known for being “anti-life” foods because they are either not living, or virtually devoid of life. Canned, heated, refined and processed foods have literally had any possible life force energy taken out of them.

On a side note, using the best quality of natural essential oils, can increase your body’s vibration significantly. Essential oils can vibrate up to 320 HZ. At this fantastic smelling level of vibration; disease, viruses, bacteria, fungus and whatever else our bodies do not need, cannot survive. So think about checking out some essential oils. Possibly a few drops of all natural mint oil in your water is just the trick.

In this day and age it is not realistic for an individual to never eat canned food, only eat organic or only eat raw. Some people can make it work, but for the average person, those O HZ foods are going to get into your diet. It is important to stay conscious about the vibration frequency of foods that we consume. Our bodies need to stay as ‘high energy’ as possible to eliminate things such as diseases and viruses.

It makes sense does it not?! High vibration foods keep our bodies vibrating and in working order. Feed yourself as much natural, whole and high vibration foods as you can. It is guaranteed that you will feel much better eating this way.

Here is a few ways to raise your food vibration…

– If you are not a big natural food buff, choose 2 or 3 of your favorites to consume at least a few times a week. If you hate the thought of eating fruits and vegetables, make a smoothie!

-Very important! Find ethically raised animals and poultry. It’s all about karma and the quality of life you consume.

– Literally send gratitude and love into the food that you consume. If this sounds funny to you, it has been scientifically proven that the energy from the words “love” and “thank you” actually can transform the energy of your foods. To watch an interesting video click here:

Originally published at on March 25, 2016.