Climate scientists have reported that the world has reached 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels. It is an alarming sign that if we do not reduce emissions by half fast enough and to 0 by the year 2050, keeping global warming down will be more difficult and adaption will be increasingly challenging. This is not just a crisis of the planet – it’s an urgent crisis of humanity and the full circle effects of our man-made ecological collapse. Human experience and prosperity deteriorate. If we continue on the track we’re on now and warming continues at its current rate, global issues like poverty, health problems, extinction, natural land degradation, extreme weather events, and ecosystem breakdowns intensify. ⁣⁣⁣
We need to envision resilient communities that have houses which are self-powered, electricity and fuel from renewable sources, deserts made into edible forest gardens, efficient travel modes, access to education, safe drinking water, food security, strong agricultural systems, forest conservation, holistic economies, enhanced civic spaces, sustainable infrastructures – communities that allow all living beings to flourish. ⁣⁣⁣
Our past does not need to dictate and define our future. What will, are the choices we choose to make TODAY, every day. Through thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive long-term responses and practices, we can build a sustainable future that enhances the quality of life for people. More individual steps taken means more collective impact. Fly less, take on food waste, switch to a plant-based diet, streamline your wardrobe, push local and government leaders, carpool/walk/bike/transit, support organizations and frontline communities working on climate change and human parity, connect with nature, plant trees with a neighbourhood group, spark conversations – these are crucial steps we can take. Awareness in our action is powerful; so as long as we’re present in our day and conscious of our choices, together, we can help make this world a more fruitful place to live. ⁣⁣⁣
The term ‘eco‘ in ecology and ecosystem means ‘home‘. And this world that we get to be a part of for a short while, is one colossal, beautiful, bizarre home in which we all reside together and holds all that we love. Let’s get to work.