Me dancing to a Kizomba Tiktok dance challenge 2020 @jazrockcandy

If there’s one thing I’m very passionate about, it’s definitely dancing. I have been dancing ever since I was a kid and this has led me to join confidently in many dance competitions. Oh the thrills, excitement, joy, music, the costumes, choreography and the fun long hours of practices – they’re all worth it! I’m so grateful for I have always been winning at it. Me and my twin sister would always dance in family reunions when we were kids and we’d always get the prize. Back in medical school, for three consecutive years, our dance group emerged as champions and even when I joined the bank industry, our bollywood dance too, won 1st place.

Growing up I thought dancing was all about entertaining, performing and winning but there really is more and something special about it. As I have been always curious in trying new things – I’ve discovered ecstatic dancing.

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. The effects of ecstatic dance begin with ecstasy itself, which may be experienced in differing degrees. Dancers are described as feeling connected to others, and to their own emotions. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping people to cope with stress and to attain serenity. – Wikipedia

Because dancing means so much to me, I even made a poem about it and sharing here my favorite music and my experiences about ecstatic dancing.

Sometimes fiesta latina
Sometimes jazzy grooves
Other days african vibes
Most days deep melodic techno
Electronica atmospheric tunes

I close my eyes and wait & see
Vibrant energy runs through me
My body, heart always yearning
Heaven I connect, it’s touching
Yes feel other souls sparkling
In a wonderful place imagining
Taking me with the flow of music
Everytime it feels so fantastic

I wave my hands stomp my feet
Moving marching to my own beat
Rejoicing like sunshine rays
Thank you ecstatic dance days

I saw an invite about ecstatic dancing back in November 2019, from a yoga studio and since the word “dance” was in there, I decided to try it. There were only a few of us who attended and almost everyone were trying it for the first time. For nearly 2 hours, we dance barefooted. It’s like those moments of dancing alone in the bedroom, letting go of fear and just be wild and free. With respect and sweet kindness, we danced around like wild seeds, in a wonderful, sacred and safe space…

It was a great, fun and liberating experience for me. I got to meet new people who share the same passion about dancing and we even had a short sharing session about how each one felt after and how we can use it as a tool in releasing stress.

And no wonder at the time of pandemic, home quarantine, all these uncertainties, and challenges – I am able to cope up by dancing on my own and by joining Tiktok. Because my soul is yearning for me to do what feels good, I have taken fun dance challenges and shared good vibes through it. Brought back the old dancing days, connected me with new and old friends online and got me learning new dances as well. Like most people all over the world who love to dance and on Tiktok, we’re all just trying to dance to our own beat, taking all the worries away while doing our own versions of different dance challenges.

Looking at a grand scale of things, aren’t we all in this one big ecstatic dance?

To just let go, let the soul takes over, let it guide us to different life’s rhythm, to amazing life’s beat, to connect, celebrate, just enjoy life’s music and honor our own and everyone’s unique dances in life and have such an amazingly ecstatic good time!