One thing that everyone is babbling about and wanting to achieve is the better version of oneself. Not only does it boost one’s confidence, but it also lets you feel light and healthy. Everyone must have known of Eddie Gordon, known as “Truck” and The Ultimate Fighter last 2014 in the mixed martial arts competition called the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC). But he is more than that. So, let us get to know more Eddie.

Eddie is an entrepreneur, owning one of the fastest-growing group fitness gyms in Long Island, New York – the Fitfam NY. He is also an author. He wrote a motivational book entitled, “Forever Truckin: Mastering the will to win”. He is an outstanding life coach and motivational speaker. He is a great motivator that can push you beyond your limits, someone who understands the importance of being fit and someone who is willing to extend his hands to help you reach your goals toward personal development. He believes that there is a secret recipe for success.

Be motivated rather than just wanting to pursue

It is a dilemma for each one of us. There is a thin line between wanting to pursue and motivated to push through. Otherwise, you may find yourself giving up because you don’t find it sustainable.

Master the Will to Win

Being optimistic will let you think outside the box and have a clear perspective in life. It will help people push themselves beyond their comfort zones into achieving their goals. This will mold their motivation to strive harder despite facing difficult times.

Be the leader of your own destiny

It is easier said than done, given the current circumstances. But being able to decide for yourself or looking for someone who can help you take control of your life is the key factor of carving your own path to reaching your goals.


The pinnacle of success is not written in the books rather it is the peak of the path you created for yourself. Lead your life to the way you have always dreamt – to the peak of success.

Be the Ultimate fighter

Just like Eddie Gordon, he is a fighter inside the UFC ring and a warrior among all the adversities that come along the way to the path of reaching his aspirations and goals in life. Being a fighter means to persevere despite the hardship and the pain of banging against the wall in order to break it and move on.

Accept Help from other people

Amid the trials and challenges, you will reach a point of darkness and feel strongly the loneliness and brokenness brought by failure. But there will always be someone extending his hand to lift you up and motivate you and push you beyond your limit.

Live a life of passion and purpose

A purpose gives direction to one’s action. Make your purpose your passion and that drive will be sustainable. This makes you have control of destiny.

These are the secret ingredients that unlock your success superpowers. If you are serious about taking control of your destiny and reaching a whole new level of success, you know who to find.