I was taking a walk on the edge of the world with my Gender-Peeps and knew better than to look down before I looked up…

Looking down is where I have been and up is where I am going, thus I choose to look up first…

I definitely prescribe to the theory that from whence I have come gives me the knowledge of how to navigate and land on the plateaus of the horizons. While I am here today as result of my experiences, it is the blessing of wisdom that informs me of the best applications of the knowledge.

My gender-peeps and I hope to brave new waters by the practice of evolution…where we suppress our egos, embrace each other on the soul level and adopt faith over fear.

We looked up, lifted up and rose above the Snow Thunder as we discovered warmth on ice…

Denzil, Turkey: Awesome Places of the World

…the fluttering of wings landed us where we had never seen or thought possible…a dream, a reality, a projection and/or a goal?

Fantasy is Reality in the World Today… [George Clinton, et al circa 1973]

The wake up of this shake up is that “anything IS possible, if we TRY!

r.u. with US?

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