In today’s economy most people think in terms of where they have come. From how much education a person has, to how much money they make, or whether it is the pedigree that they were brought up in, the one thing that makes or breaks someone is their mindset.

Our mindsets are ours to own. Sure, we may have had less (or more) than another person, however where we land has more to do with how we travel than anything else. The delicate line of balance plays a crucial role.

I would like to address two ways that I feel are worthy of reframing. They are how we look at education and economics. A quick point to note… in many aspects of life, it is not so much of where we come from, but what we’ve come through…

Education Is More Than Mere Learning

From a traditional view, education is learning. It is a system of knowledge that we glean our worldviews from, our wisdom, and our work. All of this is true and is a big part of education, however if we reframe what the other side looks like, education becomes more… deeper…

It becomes us…

Education reframed is understanding how we think. Learning is only part. Gaining knowledge is a conduit of education, yet acting upon the knowledge we learn can be defined as critical thought.

Thinking is gorgeous.

There is nothing more alluring than someone who can think for themselves. A person who can digest information and turn it into something beautiful on the other side is attractive. The charm is in the substance of thought. When a person speaks with elegance and boldness, we are often drawn to it. Some call is charisma, others may call is personality. I call it captivating. The greater the captivation the greater the production.

Economics Is More Than Supply And Demand

A textbook, singular view of economics is the science of goods and services. In business, economics is mostly concerned with the distribution of wealth, whether produced or consumed. Here again, lets flip the script and reframe economics into a discussion on production, more specifically how we produce.

Production is a means of creating wealth. We know this. What we struggle with is in the mechanics of production. When we get caught up in the wealth factor, we will inevitably cut corners (even legal ones) to increase our production. At some point, those cut corners will cause something or someone to fall, fail, or forget.

Production attracts others.

We are all wowed and bedazzled by how things are done. A quick search on the number of documentaries confirms that we are enthralled with the how. So much so, that many times the downfall or businesses and people lie in the fact that we often breeze past our what and why and go directly to the how.

Reframing Education And Economics Generates Balance

If you are curious as to how to create balance in your life and you feel like yours may be off, then try reframing. When you have a solid frame, whatever becomes attached to that frame will be strong. No matter a building, a business, a body, or your state of being, the frame creates the balance.

In education and economics, the basis for our success, especially in integrity, authenticity, and growth rests in how we view them. A simple reframe will strengthen your results.

Results = Rest

In our busy and hurried world, if we do not have our mindset clear and focused, we will never find rest. The more aligned we are with our thoughts and actions, the more rest we will find. Not simply physical rest (since our production will be streamlined), but mental and emotional rest (our thinking) as well.