Being a first generation college student, Eric Patel knows of education as something that levels the playing field but when the college scandal of 2019 broke out Patel realized it is not all what it seems. He worked to create an affordable service for all students, no matter what socioeconomic background they come from. Patel created an educational platform made by students–for students, and that is his company Edullo.

What drove Patel to create Edullo, was that he wanted to find a simple solution to all of the money, connections, and power within the educational system that is refraining students from getting the education they need. So, by creating this educational platform for students—Patel is breaking down that barrier and allowing students to receive the education they need.

Patel wanted to bring awareness to his brand by joining TikTok, but after posting his first video he had received over 600,000 views in just one day. He realized that this video showed some of his educational and business achievements, so Patel decided to use this to his advantage. Patel began to build an educational platform on TikTok as well, and his follower count started to rise as more eager people were to learn and be inspired.

A couple months later, Taylor Price, the CEO of Team Tap, reached out to Patel with a vision to create a HypeHouse type collaboration that generates educational content for Millennials and Gen Z. Patel has helped millions of students along their educational journey and hopes to continue to do the same for the time coming.

Patel does not want to just stop at Edullo. Today, Patel and his team have been working hard to release a revolutionary freelance peer-to-peer tutoring and mentoring platform, called Edullo Scholar.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs like Patel, he advises to start building your personal brand as soon as you can. Patel views a personal brand as loyalty people have to you due to your credibility, likability, or achievements. He claims it’s as simple as creating and putting out content, networking, or getting involved in your community. Once you establish this, your followers will follow you wherever your business ventures may be.

“My second piece of advice is to surround yourself with winners,” Patel claims. “How do you find winners? And to that I say: network, network, network.”