The present system of education needs to be re-structured to promote the evolution of students. In today’s education, students are asked to focus on fragmented subjects which are unrelated to life as a whole. The purpose of today’s education is mainly to procure a well-paying job. But education for evolution promotes the holistic development of the student. The curriculum includes specific time for meditation so that the student learns how to fathom the inner silent layers of the mind. Through meditation, the student gains the direct experience of the Self, the source of creativity deep within the mind. This experience has the capacity to re-awaken in the student the memory of the unbounded, eternal aspect of life. The student begins to realize that there is more to life than only its surface expressions. There is an inner reality which is beyond time and space boundaries. This experience will broaden the student’s awareness and increase self-confidence and inner happiness. It will also increase creativity, intelligence and self-actualization.

Education for evolution connects the parts of knowledge to the whole of knowledge. The specific streams of knowledge are connected to their source, the field of consciousness itself. Consciousness is the very basis of knowledge. All streams of knowledge originate from consciousness. One must be awake, alert, conscious in order to derive or unfold knowledge of anything. Consciousness may be understood as a state of inner wakefulness. Each aspect of knowledge is a stream of knowledge. It originates from the unbounded ocean of knowledge – pure consciousness. By providing the direct experience of pure consciousness, the students’ understanding of each aspect of life is deepened and enriched.