Education in Positive. Focus on overall well-being.

The future of education is here! At least it will be if we all strive to make our students happy. Happiness should be the foundation on which we build the culture of tomorrow.

In this article we’ll talk precisely about that, and how positive education can bring about a change that will make sure our future is bright and better for all of humanity – starting from our schools where our youngest start to form into the people who will lead us tomorrow.

The Benefits of Positive Education

It’s our firm belief that a better tomorrow can only achieve through happiness for all. It all starts with our schools which is why education is right where we need to start improving the most.

Positive education has long been a staple of an education system that incorporates happiness in schools – happiness for both the students and the teachers.

According to Martin Seligman’s 2009 paper, positive education is a natural response to the gap that has existed for a long time – a difference between what we want for our children and what the schools teach them.

It’s quite known that the mainstream school system of the globe has been inadequate for a long time. It does teach children a lot, but it fails to prepare them for life, it only makes them ready for the life of a worker. Schools focus on achievements, skills, and discipline. They fail when they omit to care about the children’s happiness, health (both mental and physical), and overall well being.

That’s precisely where positive education fits in. However, you shouldn’t think that this is something groundbreaking in the world of education. On the contrary, it’s something many experts have known for a long time, but it was either too hard to change the current system or unwanted by those in power.

The Change Can Come Soon

Now is the right time to start a change, and we all as the leaders of the world need to work towards achieving this goal.

Positive education can help us there as there’s a lot of research that can confirm the importance of happiness and wellbeing in a student’s life.

Studies also confirm that emotional health and well-being is essential in the early stages of a young person’s life, especially in schools.

When you start looking into positive education, you realize that it’s not just about making students happy, it’s about combining what we want for our children and what schools are trying to teach them. It’s a perfect middle ground that can bring about a better system of education for the entire world.

The future of education is precisely what we will be talking about in the next World Happiness Agora that’s set to start in March 2020.

Education is one of the five massive topics 190+ brilliant futurists will be discussing. Each subject will have its day at the Agora, and the other four will be:

  • The future of health
  • The future of self-mastery and social development
  • The future of work
  • The Future of transformative technologies

We are waiting for all future leaders to join us once again!