The origin of education came from the idea that our ancestors needed to train people for the needs of the current societies. History shows that both the catholic church, philosophers, missionaries, and other religious institutions in general saw the need for creating education, for bringing forward both ancestral heritage and eventually science. Since 1450 and the invention of the printing press, and up until today’s world with the heightened awareness of information, due to internet, we can access more information than ever. Therefore, I cannot help but wonder, will teachers be extinct? And if we do continue sharing knowledge the way we do today, will students be overloaded, and in worst case scenario, learn that receiving & giving information is more important than listening to the sound of their hearts?

For students to enter the magical sphere of love, compassion and kindness in education, they need to set a side time for something as simple as having loving conversations. As a teacher in modern education, I have seen that there’s hardly time for young people to mature into the role of fulfilling themselves as compassionate and loving people, due to stress. The time for nurturing healthy emotions in education is almost extinct! Strick deadlines with heavy workloads and focus on mainly mind education only can be stressful. These traits of education can lead to students growing up today will lack the value of self-worth, and suppress their own heart on behalf of “surviving” in education.

“Children in education today are taught to supress their self- worth and emotions, becaue “more important things” has to be done, which is subject learning”.

Are we educating our students for a heartless society?

Education today value mind only and some physical education, which contradicts the evolution of the society, where people are waking up to the fact that Love should be the solid foundation for where our youth can learn and thrive from. With the current structure of today’s modern education, we are teaching our students to be “followers” of the theory of knowledge, we are teaching them to compete, in order to get into desired schools and universities. We are also teaching them that without an education, their “worthiness” in the society declines.

Since education is the heart of our society, we should begin valuing how we spend our time and what kind of wisdom we bring forward for the New Generation.

I am concerned about the teachers’ role in education; are we able to focus upon our role as loving role models, or are we drowning in too many demands “killing our spirit…?”

I am concerned about the future of our children, if we continue to value the external theories of mankind on behalf of children’s inner strength, personality and wisdom. I am not saying we shouldn’t’ educate our students in the wonderful world of science, however, I am asking if the origin of education should change, from passing on knowledge to waking up knowlege…

I am also questioning if “the overload” of knowledge is more of a curse than a blessing, and if we do not take action steps to bring forward a more heart-centered pedagogy as well as new curriculas for today’s education, we may experience that the younger generation will grow up in a society with no soul, with no value of the power of Love.