Edward Granaghan is dedicated to his family and is a passionate member of his local community. As a New Jersey resident, he is committed to helping those in need, including saving pets in shelters. Understanding the importance of spending quality time with his children, his family has adopted a dog from a shelter. He claims that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made. He takes the time to provide some insight for those looking to adopt.

What have been some of the benefits of adopting a dog?

One of the best things about adopting a dog is that it teaches your children responsibility. Pets need to be taken care of and they require constant attention. Whether it’s feeding or walking the dog, it’s easy to divide their responsibilities up on a daily basis. Likewise, they provide a strong sense of companionship and an endless amount of love and affection.

Are there any animal shelters you recommend?

There are a lot of charities and animal rescue shelters out there, most of which are doing a great job finding dogs a new home. I do recommend performing extensive research before visiting a shelter or contacting a pet adoption organization. It’s important to make sure the dogs are looked after and have had all of the necessary shots before adopting. Working with a trusted organization also provides you with a peace of mind knowing the dogs were treated fairly and are healthy.

How important is it to perform research on particular breeds ahead of time?

I believe it’s vital to the well-being of the dog to perform research ahead of time. Many individuals visit shelters or speak with adoption organizations with no prior knowledge of a particular breed and may end up having to take the pet back. Unfortunately, my family had a similar experience. My youngest son had an allergic reaction to the first dog we brought home and, it was devastating having to give him back to the adoption organization.

Fortunately, our second dog was a perfect fit and we had no allergic reactions. Some organizations will even let you interact with the dog before committing to help ensure the breed is the right pick for your household. We are grateful to the organization we worked with and we consider our dog to be a member of our family.

Should you visit a vet?

Definitely visit a vet. It’s important that you be aware of any health-related issues or diet concerns early on. Adopting a dog is a process and it’s crucial that you have all of the resources to properly care for your dog.

How should one introduce a dog to their home?

I would say that adopting a dog and selecting a breed is the easy part. The real work starts once you get home. Make sure you prepare for your new pet by creating a safe space for them. The re-homing process can be stressful for many dogs. Gather supplies such as a food and water dish, a leash, various treats, and grooming supplies. I also recommend baby-proofing drawers as some dogs can be overly curious. Slowly introduce them to various rooms and get a feel for what they may or may not be comfortable with. It can be a long process but, it’s worth it in the end.

How do you go about training?

Realistically every dog breed and every household is different, so what may work for someone may not for someone else. Tactics such as positive reinforcement often helps with the training process and it’s important to get your dog on a set schedule. If you find you’re unable to successfully train your pup, then I would recommend taking them to a professional.

How can one help their dog relax in a new environment?

Many dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety, making it hard for owners to leave for work in the mornings. My advice would be to get your dog comfortable with the idea of you leaving for extended periods of time. Slowly start to leave for ten or twenty minutes at random, and be sure to close the door behind you when entering new rooms of the house. You want your dog to be confident enough to be left alone during the day.

Any advice for someone looking to adopt a dog?

I would say above all, make sure you have enough time to spend with your dog. Many individuals like the idea of a pet, but in reality work long hours and may not be able to provide their dog with the proper amount of attention.