Feeling stressed? Everyone suffers from anxiety now and then, but sometimes pressure builds and becomes chronic. The result is a depleted immune system and a constant low mood. You can choose from a variety of positive actions to relieve stress, but exercise is a prerequisite if you want to increase happy hormones and lighten your emotional load. Here’s why exercise is a great stress-reliever.

Happy hormones and mindfulness

Your thoughts and behaviors help your body select the emotions you experience. When you go over concerns in your head, a chemical reaction takes place and feel-bad hormone production increases. Exercise can help you stop critical self-talk because it’s a mindful activity.

While your heart pumps and you work up a sweat, the last thing on your mind is likely to be whether you’re performing well at your job or your neighbor likes you. Your worries vanish as you concentrate on physical exertion and repetitive movements. Also, even if you’re not stressed, exercising gives you a feel-good buzz and can add to an already healthy attitude.

Increase your resilience

Exercise improves your resilience, not only to strenuous physical activity but also stress. Regular exercise can help you cope when life throws a spanner in the works, and everything seems to go wrong. Instead of crumbling under pressure, you’ll get through difficulties without succumbing to the painful symptoms of stressless resilient folks experience. Exercise that raises your heart rate has the power to heal your brain after traumatic events too, so put on your running shoes or hit the gym if you’ve been through a stressful episode and want to boost your recovery. Exercise helps relax the body from computer stress too. Sitting at a computer for long periods causes neck and shoulder tension.

Positivity through action

All acts of positivity increase optimism and give you the sense of control you may lack when under stress. Exercise is a proactive way to boost your health and well-being. It can get you out of a rut and stimulate added helpful behaviors. Once you develop a routine, your confidence will grow. You’ll recognize you can create constructive change in your life and manage challenges.

As you can see, if you are stressed, or even if you’ve been through a challenging time in the past, exercise can help you heal and increase happy hormones. There are so many advantages to exercising that, there’s no doubt, adopting it as a hobby is a wise approach to managing your health and wellness.

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