Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, it’s crucial to get the right employees, but it takes patience and time. There’s a talent shortage now because more and more millennials are living at home with their parent(s) — more than any time since the post-war era.

Employees are the backbone of your business. They are essential to keeping your company operating. A business cannot run unless the right employees do the work. Traditional classified ads and help wanted signs are practically endangered.

Today, online recruiting is the way to go, but it’s not as simple as writing a four or five line classified ad. It takes time to create a job description, a list of duties and qualifications, and to figure outside the right language to use. It can be nerve-wracking having to deal with various search engines to match the right candidates.

There are so many online job sites to post your jobs: Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.com, Dice.com, Glassdoor.com, Facebook, Idealist.com, Indeed, LinkedIn.com, Monster.com. It would be such a time saver to be able to heighten your classifieds with advertising, so you don’t have to deal with multiple ads on different job boards with various accounts.

Email overload can drive anyone insane and cause much stress. It would be so amazing to be able to replace emails and spreadsheets with a beautiful, easy to use, web-based applicant tracking system. Whether you’re a business owner or you’re part of a small team, an all-in-one recruiting software solution is very helpful. You want to be able to quickly review hundreds and thousands of prospects fast, see all candidates’ details on a single screen, view resumes on the screen without having to click to get to the resumes, and include notes for yourself and your team simultaneously.

Coding is another challenging factor, so it would be so great to be able to add a job board to your job site and read it on your wireless devices without coding. No employer or recruiter wants to have to worry about overlooking a candidate resume or email again. You want to be able to accept applications and keep track of all your candidates, notes and email communications without having to take classes to obtain coding skills.

For employers, writing compelling help wanted job ads is very time-consuming. It can require having to network, attend a couple of HR seminars, or go to continuing education. Many small business owners do a lot of the everyday work themselves, so they don’t have the time to take up additional certificate programs. This is where a recruiting software that can write jobs for your business is needed. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to able to create professional and persuasive classified ads in minutes, and be able to create a fast and beautiful applicant experience for your prospective employees?

You want to be able to manage your candidates and workflow via email. Being able to take action on every candidate right in your inbox is efficient. Whether it be Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft or Outlook, you don’t need to change the way you work. Continue working in the same manner you always have, while upgrading your business process by using a solution built specifically for recruiting and managing applicants.

If only there was a recruiting wizard that could do all of these things and offer a seamless candidate experience so you can find the right people to work for you. Well, have no fear because Betterteam is here to help, and it’s absolutely free to post your jobs to 100+ jobs sites. You can join more than 2,000 businesses such as yours who also use Betterteam to hire good quality employees quickly. Each job listing you post can be seen by more than 150 million candidates and receive up to 1,000 applicants — and it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For more information and useful tips, visit Indeed for Employers.

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