Hitting the road for work can be toxic for your body. Sleeping in a strange bed, not having your normal workout routine, and hotel food can all drag down your health. Here’s a few ways you can contribute to your personal wellness in just 15 minutes while you are on the road:

  1. JOURNAL: Grabbing your journal, instead of your cell phone and jotting down your thoughts, goals, dreams, and wishes will keep you focused on your life; instead of wasting away precious minutes as you compare yourself to your friends on Instagram. Take this time to reflect on your family, or your life at home.

Timber Cove provides yoga mats for all hotel guests en suite, allowing guests to workout in the privacy of their rooms with an incredible view. © Loving the Suite Life

2. STRETCH YOUR BODY: Grab a yoga mat and start your morning by stretching your body. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, just fifteen minutes getting your body ready and your mind focused for the day can start your morning off right.

Breakfast en suite at Cavallo Point. Poached eggs and homemade sausage. © Loving the Suite Life

3. NOURISH: Make sure to give your body fuel for the day. Stick to farm fresh options or food that are prepared in a healthy way from the menu, and stay away from the whipped cream topped French Toast.

Rejuvenating skin care products from Kerstin Florian, taken at Korakia Resort in Palm Springs. © Loving the Suite Life

4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN: Don’t leave the good stuff at home. Chances are you might actually have time to do a mask while you are on the road. Flying and extensive travel can wreak havoc on your skin, so don’t wait until you get home to take care of it.

One of two bathtubs in the Governor’s Suite at the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The property is owned by the Pojoaque Pueblo Native American tribe, and sits on the pueblo’s ancestral lands. © Loving The Suite Life

5. BATHE: Chances are your hotel room has a really amazing bathtub. Take some bath salts with you, or a small bottle of bubble bath and relax for a few minutes. You can double up a relaxing bath with a face mask or reading a book, and fit in two wellness activities for the time allotted for one.

Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers numerous wellness classes. Pictured here: the workshop set up for an aromatherapy class that focuses on color and scents. © Loving the Suite Life

6. OPT IN FOR WELLNESS CLASSES: Ask the hotel concierge or the front desk staff for any classes or experiences that they might offer. You might be surprised that you will have access to art, fitness, horseback riding, astronomy, nutrition workshops, and other classes that can elevate your wellness.

Private Lap Pool at The Sanctuary on Camelback in Paradise Valley, AZ ©Loving the Suite Life

7. SWIM: Always pack a swimsuit. After a long flight or drive, jumping in the pool for a few laps is the perfect way to stretch out your body. It will only take a few minutes to feel the effects of a good swim, and your body will thank you.

The library at Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico provides guests the perfect place to sneak away to enjoy a good book and drink a glass of tea. © Loving the Suite Life

8. READ: Find a private area or use your hotels reading library, grab a book, and take a few quiet minutes for yourself. Your hotel might have a stash of books, or use your reading app.

Instead of chocolates on your pillow, the standard “turn down” gift at Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico is the Little Book of Mindfulness by Dr. Patrizia Collard. This is just one of the many ways the resort contributes to the personal wellness of their guests. © Loving the Suite Life

9. REFLECT: Take a few minutes to reflect. Read a daily intention, breathe, meditate, just lie down with your eyes closed. When you’re on the road you’ve got plenty of time to think about the things that matter in life, and work on your intentions to make those things (or people) a priority.

Sunrise Springs resort has 87 acres of hiking and walking trails for their guests, as well as numerous other opportunities to connect with nature while on property. © Loving the Suite Life

10. CONNECT WITH NATURE: Take fifteen minutes, skip the treadmill, and head outside for a walk. If your hotel isn’t in the city proper (and sometimes if it is), you might have access to miles of hiking and walking trails, along with unlimited fresh air. No fancy equipment needed, just some tennis shoes.

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