Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” ~ Richard Bach

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The Universe has been orderly created. It exists in perfect harmony, wisely channelled towards success and well-being. To take part in the universal flow of energy, all that’s needed is for you is to tune in.

Flow with the natural laws. Let your intuition guide you. Align with your innermost desires, by focusing your energy; your thoughts and feelings on that which you wish to see manifest in your life. Align with the better version of you by feeling gratitude about everything that’s in your life that you love.

You can effortlessly achieve the highest levels of bliss by simply letting go, trusting your Inner-self and focusing on all the good you have and all the good you are manifesting.

We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes.” ~ Rhonda Byrne


What has stopped me from manifesting my desires in the past is a mixture of internal battles; the constant chatter of self-doubt. The everlasting distractions and the noise of a fast-moving existence. The lack of flow. The sense of isolation and disconnection from all that surrounds me. That imaginary race which I never chose to run. The loss of identity to my self-made society and media demands . The restlessness and the fear. Oh, fear! Yes, the fear!

My biggest enemy of all time has always been fear.

It didn’t matter how things were going, good, bad, normal, so so, great, amazing. I always had this nagging feeling of fear, a knot on my chest, a vague, yet clear voice whispering…

“Watch out, something is going to go wrong in a minute now

Fear mixed in with guilt for being fearful.

I’ve always held on to the fear when I didn’t, because I was having a lucid moment of freedom, it didn’t feel I was me.

Was I someone else when I wasn’t in fear?

The key to transformation is becoming someone else.

But fear of what? One might ask..

Fear of underachieving, fear of overachieving, fear of not having enough money, fear of not reaching my multiple goals, fear of speaking, fear of not speaking, fear of not paying the bills, fear of paying the bills, fear of not being able to afford the things I want. Fear of putting on weight, of losing love, of forsaking love, of being alone. Fear of my teenage children. Fear of what people think of me, fear of what people say about me or to me. Fear of not being a good friend, or not being a good sister, or not being a good daughter or a good mum. Fear of not making an impact, fear of being insignificant, fear of dying and be forever forgotten in the history of nothing.


You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, & your intentions create your reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer

For me fear was no longer a feeling much less a thought. Fear was a habit. A habit deeply engraved in my psyche, claiming a permanent place in my heart. Deceiving me into believing that it was a perfectly and normal state of being essential for survival.

The fact is that the things I feared didn’t exist. Some were totally irrelevant abstract thoughts.

When I learnt about the Law of Attraction it hit me: For as long as I held on to my fear that’s all there was going to be. That’s all I was going to see, that’s all I was going to do.

There was the illusion of trying to fulfilment. But it was just an illusion. A lie that keeps you busy on a hamster wheel. As long as you fear you don’t move forward.

It took me a bit of time to realise how attached I was to my fear. How defeated and weak I felt most of the time. There was I with my big dreams, my amazing faith, my talent, my ideas, endlessly working towards achieving, unaware of the fact that fear was a thick chain holding me back no matter how hard I tried.

As an avid student of the LOA I learnt to observe my fear and I saw how it affected every decision i made every step I took. It was an ugly sight.

My feelings have changed. I have adopted a new approach.

I practice consciously not feeling fear.

Instead, I rest, I flow, I let go and I focus on what I love.

How do you kick a bad habit? By replacing it with a good one.

All the ills in modern society could be cured with these four states of being:

  1. Rest
  2. Flow
  3. Let go and
  4. Focus Only on What you Love

Persistence is Magic

When you want to shape a muscle or make your body perform in a particular way you train. You persist until your body looks or behaves the way you envisioned.

To quit an unhealthy habit or pick up a healthy one you persist day by day telling your brain what you want. You persist until your desired behaviour becomes your new habit.

Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.” ~ Tony Robbins


I practice rest, flowing and letting go. Then I focus on what I love, daily.

Try this for effortless manifesting.

Take a few seconds or minutes of bliss for yourself daily by stopping and becoming conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Treasure all the good ones.

Whenever I notice fear in me, I acknowledge it. I confront it by kindly saying: “Thank you for your intention to protect me but I don’t need you”. Then I kiss it goodbye and I carry on with my day.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Persistence is Powerful

Persist. When I say persist I’m not, by any means, talking about hard work, incredible effort and long hours of pain and agony.

Persistence starts with a firm decision backed up with feeling and belief.

A decision that is final and that remains unchanged and unchangeable. You make the decision that you will see your dreams, visions, and desires come true no matter how big or how small.

Persistence lives in your mind and it stays. That firm and strong thought force will direct your actions and transform your life as fast or as slow as you allow it.

Allow yourself to

Allow yourself the gift of peace, physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Allowing means relaxing, believing, expecting with joy, with unwavering trust, and faith, knowing that everything you want is simply yours and on its way to you. Offering no resistance in the form of negative thinking, doubt or fear.

The main part of Manifesting all your dreams is knowing that you already have it all waiting for you. Go with the flow, the flow will take you there, when you align with your desires. Align by pouring your thoughts and feelings on your dreams as often as possible with joy and expectation.

Let go of negative thoughts feelings and fear. Make room for the silent contemplation of all you love.

And don’t be alarmed with the initial uneasiness in your new-found bliss. Sometimes transformation implies becoming someone else:

A different you.

“A grateful mind is a great mind which will eventually attracts to itself great things.” ~ Plato

The following is the step by step guide that shows my journey in the path of manifesting. In this adventure I’ve met with many masters who taught me their secrets front this I created my own formula.
This guide helps me remember what I have learnt and I continue to learn.
My journey is helping me deepen my understanding of how the natural laws of the universe work. I experience wonderful results daily.

My Step by Step Guide to Manifesting

  1. Meditation for transformation
  2. Connect with your higher self
  3. Heal your Heart to remove blockages 
  4. Feed your desires with positive emotions
  5. Pick your Elevated Emotions triggers  
  6. Be happy and thankful for it all you dream now to be in receiving  mode.
  7. Raise your vibration: There are so many ways.
  8. Train your mind to affect your subconscious.
  9. Write down what you want. Be specific.
  10. Know that the moment you desire it you have created it 
  11. Don’t forget your supernatural aid. People who will give you help and support. Your celestial team is reachable onDemand. Invoke the angels.
  12. Know that the minute you believe you are there, you are there.It’s done. Feel it coming.
  13. Your subconscious mind has the job to communicate whatever is in your conscious mind to the universal flow which in turn delivers.
  14. Trick your subconscious into knowing that you already have all you want and she/will bring it about 
  15. How by genuinely feeling in your body that you have all this. 
  16. How: visualise, feel ask yourself how does it feel to have this? And your subconscious will answer. Go to the invisible to dream of where you have all you want in meditation, observe yourself there, feel yourself there, stay there for as long as possible feeling how it feels to have it all.
  17. You already have this now. You access it by allowing it to come to you.

Resting, Flowing, Letting go and Focussing in what you love will make manifesting easy.

Would you like to get a detailed explanation of each one of the steps in my journey?

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100 Secrets is a collection of short stories that was inspired as a direct result of my manifesting journey.