My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists. Nikola Tesla

Everything in the universe has its own unique frequency signature. It is these frequency signatures that allow your consciousness to differentiate one object from another…. Genius Awakening

​This exploration of ideas begins with certain premises, such as:

  • The brain is a receiver.
  • The body has at least four brains: head, heart, gut and cellular intelligence.
  • There is a core in the Universe from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.
  • Everything has a unique frequency pattern.
  • The quality of my life, my reality, is deeply connected with my individual frequency pattern, an actuality.
  • My individual frequency pattern is a differentiated part of the undifferentiated whole.
  • The unconditioned mind sees actuality directly, the conditioned mind fabricates reality.
  • Misalignments between connected frequency patterns can create distortions resulting in all manner of dis-ease and imbalance.
  • On an observed level, evolution is usually towards more complexity.
  • On an (as yet) unobserved level, the underlying frequency patterns are also ever-changing.
  • The earth and humanity are shifting in frequency (‘The Event’) to something called ‘New Earth.’

My experimental questions include:
Can I ‘raise’ my frequency to be more aligned with ‘The Shift’?
Can I tune the frequency of my body/mind to the core of the universe?
Supposing it is possible, what would be the means of aligning, tuning or raising?
What indications would I accept as evidence of raising my frequency?

Some of that evidence would be:

  • I am less taking and more giving.
  • I am less controlling and more observing.
  • I am less single focused and more integrative.
  • I am less reactive and more responsive towards life.
  • I am less in automated, mechanical and habitual patterns and more in feeling Being.
  • I am less influenced by outer circumstances and more centered in pure awareness and equanimity.

From observation and experience, all commonly available techniques, methods, practices and programs for personal or spiritual development are incomplete in themselves. My quest has led me to custom design tools for my own use.

Since starting BWE (brainwave entrainment) and the 9 Elements affirmations, I have felt in general that I am able to more easily let go of reactive thoughts and am more flexible. My wife will attest to this.

An emotionally charged memory arises. I let it go.
A projection of the future appears on my mental screen. I let it go.
I am triggered to react. I let go.
My muscles tense. I let go and relax.
My breathing shallows. I let go and breathe deeply.
I want or don’t want, too strongly. I let it go.
I start feeling internally imbalanced. I let go and return to center.

When I have let go of all thoughts and emotions, attractions and aversions, constrictions and contractions, resistances and reactions, what remains is Feeling Being. That is who and what I am.

What would be the means of aligning, tuning or raising?

I love the people of HeartMath Institute, some of whom I met at their campus, and respect what they are doing, yet using their devices to achieve heart intelligence or coherence did not ‘click’ for me.

Listening to brainwave entrainment or using light and sound technology alone will not raise my fundamental frequency.

I do not believe that rigorous and complicated practice such as T’ai Chi Kung or advanced yoga are required in these days for tuning to the core of the universe.

The way lies somewhere in-between these modalities, is simpler and more direct, and I mean to find it!

a. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

The conditioned mind does not see reality. Rather, it creates an imagined world in a way that seems to be strongly influenced by our historical conditioning. The unconditioned mind sees reality directly, as it is. Both the conditioned and unconditioned mind are naturally present. However, for most of us, since the unconditioned mind is less familiar,we initially need a teacher to point it out to us, probably many times, until it stabilizes. – What is ‘conditioned mind’ and ‘unconditioned mind’? – Quora

Even in that still moment, seeming silence – our Atoms, Molecules and Cells are moving. Movement is proof of cellular intelligence, according to some scientists. After all, how does a cell know where to move, how to move, how to change shape to get somewhere else?

And the whole you, beyond your cells, must move to keep blood and lymph flowing, heart pumping, muscles working, lungs breathing, brain clearing.
Cellular Intelligence | Sondra Barrett, PhD

Centered in your Tantien excerpt:

Tantien or Dantian in China and Hara in Japan, is the center of our energy body and physical body.

It is located in the lower belly, more or less 2 cm lower than the navel, in the middle, inside…

When someone is centered, he has a different light in his eyes, a different presence.

He is rooted, and connected to the earth and sky, powerfully anchored.

When you are centered, it feels as if you have an inner hand that holds the axis of the body between earth and sky.

The entire body organizes itself easily around this central axis, the muscles can be released of their tensions.


Excerpts from Tao and T’ai Chi Kung by Robert C. Sohn​​


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