The exploration of ideas chronicled in the EFJ series begins with certain premises, questions and standards of evidence delineated in 001.

This continues from ELECTRIC FREQUENCY JOURNAL 001: Premises and Questions.

From observation and experience, all commonly available techniques, methods, practices and programs for personal development are incomplete in themselves. Anything found on the internet until now is considered commonly available. My quest has led me to custom design tools for my own use.

For more than fifty years, I have tested and studied numerous techniques, traditions, practices and programs. I have chanted, prayed, toned and meditated and used technical devices and ethnobotanical solutions. My life has been focused on the journey of spiritual development through the shedding of various belief systems. The prose I wrote as a high school senior in 1971 and titled ‘The Universe is You’ still speaks to me today and ends this post.

If raising my frequency using brainwave entrainment, TENS and affirmations (with corresponding choices made in the moment) is real, there will be some evidence. My intention is to observe as neutrally and record as honestly as possible. The record, of course, is subject to the filters of my perception. Any evidence will be anecdotal and any truth subjective, as all human truth is to some degree.

If it were possible to measure my unique frequency signature, this experiment could perhaps be made more scientific. However, at this time I am more interested in experiential evidence than scientific proof.

Before now, my experiments included custom audio sessions created for me by a brainwave entrainment engineer whose integrity and expertise I trust. Then I started playing with mixing brainwave frequencies and sounds of nature myself.

Now, I am testing the EquiSync audio program mixed with the physical electrical stimulation of a TENS unit, affirmations from the 9 Elements of Empowerment, and whatever else comes to mind.

On Sunday, June 17, I mixed a Delta-Theta ‘calming’ brainwave frequency with a healing waters recording. Both audio files were found on the myNoise site of sound engineer Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon.

My notes say, ‘Initially the mix feels powerful but it must be tested over time.’

The same day, I recorded questions asked within, using a pendulum, and keeping as neutral a mind as possible:

‘Is there an actuality to raising one’s frequency?’ Answer: yes.

‘Will the Equi-Sync program be effective when used to raise my frequency?’ Answer: yes.

Questions remain. Will a shift really occur over entraining the brain? Isn’t the heart the primary organ for making the shift which I know is possible?

The pendulum is used to focus within, to ask and receive intuitively. Over years, the answers have brought many opportunities for learning and often outcomes I did not expect. Such guidance is not to always be taken literally or followed blindly. Oftentimes it seems the inner voice answers in a way to test or strengthen me. It challenges me to listen to my heart.

EquiSync’s demo refers to ‘forcing’ the brain. However, I feel the brain and heart must be coaxed and coached, not forced, to work together in order to raise the frequency. Perhaps it is a matter of tuning the brain to the core of the Universe.

What will be the evidence of a higher frequency?

Already I have seen evidence of the reality of such a shift. Just by applying intention and the 9 Elements I have overall shifted from reacting to responding towards life. By applying BWE audio sessions together with strong intention and the 9 Elements, it is becoming easier to let go in the moment of lower frequency thoughts based on reactivity, fear, and wanting. These might be seen as behavioral changes, and they are, but I also see a shift in my frequency pattern as the underlying foundation.

The EOC Institute claims:
Backed by extensively researched, deeply featured, multi-layered sound technology, EquiSync’s perfect equilibrium of brainwave entrainment frequencies are designed to help you unlock the limitless power of your brain & mind, creating the perfect mental, emotional, and physical environment to help you reach your highest potential.

It is a rather tall order, and one worth testing since I am on a quest for raising my frequency, which could also be called ‘consciously evolving.’ Reaching one’s highest potential is another way to put it.

The next segment will be journal notes of my experience with the EquiSync audio sessions.


A gentle voice comes to me, saying:

“You are leaving your home,
Becoming human so that you may
Experience & learn & advance.
The memory of the paradise you
have dwelt in
will be removed; otherwise you
could not bear the pain and sorrow
of life on earth.
You will forget your true identity,
believing yourself to be
a physical being.

The parents you have chosen
will feed you, clothe you, protect you
and give you love.
Be not deceived by those who will
try to convince you that life on
earth is the important, the only,
or that you must secure yourself
to their beliefs in order to be ‘saved.’
They have been misled.
Open your mind to all things:
experience the many paths,
always do your best,

and you may one day
be granted Enlightenment

and realize that you
have the life of Buddha,
the life of Krishna,
the life of Baha ‘u’ llah,
the life of Christ within you.
Then you will be freed from the
bonds of the flesh, the bonds of
rebirth, of space and time.”

The way is before me,
i will my molecules to slow
their vibration, and
hover above my mother-to-be.
She is sitting in a chair,
i slip inside her and enter

her womb,
the unborn fetus,
now my body.

The woman feels a movement
of life
within her,
and she smiles.

* * * * * * * *

The night is lonely, the
air chilled and silent. i
walk the sidewalks slowly.

Wondering, what is real?
studying my hand:
is this body mine?

Probing the bark of a tree
with my fingers
becoming the tree
sprouting buds
soaking up warm sunshine
drawing moist earth up through
my roots.
How am i different from this tree,
from the blades of grass on the lawn,

the stars in the heaven above?
Why do i have a border
why do my molecules not
blend with the air
Why is there always me and it? –
my essence apart from all other existence
where do my thoughts come from?

The shadows on the ground
the reflection in the window say
i am.
Traveling along the myriad roads
so many lead to nowhere
the happiness they bring
is there and gone

after reaching the highest point

they allow
one may go no further.
But the Joy of being
One with the Universe
knows no limits,
for the Universe is without limit.
Absorbing the teachings
of the inspired

brings an understanding:
‘true inspiration comes from within
all else is there to reflect my truth.’

* * * * * * * *

Making good causes
brings good effects:
“Love thy neighbor as thyself,”

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
“Be still and know the I within.”

What would it be like to be
an air bubble,
drifting upward
from the lake bottom
through the deep waters,
and rising above the surface to
then become one with the air
and mingle with the atmosphere
and course through the veins
of the winds?

A great voice speaks:
You have walked your path
with a sincere heart
and an open mind,
you have surrendered your will

to find your inmost truth,

never turning from ‘what is’
no matter the obstacles
that lay before you.

Be at peace now,
for you have found yourself
you are fulfilled
the Universe is You.




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