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I work in the field and in a nutshell each brain is unique. – Bryan

The above comment from a reader was found on the Mental Health Daily site and is in reference to the post, 5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

His comment concludes, The concept of Brainwaves such as alpha, beta etc. is somewhat antiquated. High resolution EEGs can break down the electrical activity into 42,000 individual frequencies.

With his permission, Bryan’s full comment is below. First though, a summary of my experience with the EquiSync program. I listened to (but cannot say meditated with) all eighteen tracks. As Bryan said above, each brain is unique so my experience does not apply to everyone.

For me, it is not a matter of just integrating the two hemispheres of the brain but about harmonizing its 42,000 plus distinct frequencies (along with all the singing cells of the body) into a unified complex and tuning it to the core frequency of the universe.

I am grateful for the opportunity to go through the program. Between that and my experiments with using a TENS unit, the Elements of Empowerment affirmations, and a chrysalis hammock idea, I am enriched by the experience. Those items were parts of Toolkit Version 1.0. Having tested them, I have moved on from EquiSync and revised the toolkit. My ratings of the eighteen tracks follow. I intend to keep experimenting with the custom brainwave entrainment sessions provided to me by Rewired Brain.

These notes say how the track sounded to me initially. How they affected my body-mind state is something else and is mentioned at the end.

Ocean waves with ethereal music. The soft lapping of ocean waves against the shore mixes well with ethereal music. Together they are soothing.
Rated 8 of 10

Birdsong with river sound.
Rated 4 of 10

Similar to didge and clapsticks.
Rated 5 of 10

Sounds like voice toning or chanting
Rated 6 of 10

Another shimmering vocal toning session
Rated 5 of 10

Tribal drumming
Rated 4 of 10

Begins with low tones which harmonize with me. Shimmering mixes well with music. Further into the track, it starts feeling edgy. Something feels ‘off.’
Rated 3 of 10

Ocean waves, vibrational humming. Repetitive.
Rated 3 of 10

Toning with soft water background. Noticed left and right ear movement, which I like. A little variation would make it more interesting. It is the same all the way through.
Rate 4 of 10

Low tones in the foreground, water sound background. Steady but easier listening. One of the better ones for me.
Rated 6 of 10

A rather mechanical sound with constant humming and occasional be-deeps. Too similar to a machine shop for my taste.
Rated 3 of 10

Drumming foreground. Hear left and right ear movement, which is good. Not my choice overall.
Rated 3 of 10

Strong shimmering and soft instrumental music with lapping ocean waves. Music tones seem to go between sharp and flat. Doesn’t mix well with ocean waves. Not easy listening.
Rated 3 of 10

Hymn-like vocals with vibrational sounds and angelic type music. More variation than other tracks. I generally prefer variation over repetition, but also sometimes like constant. It depends on the mix.
Rated 3 of 10

Rainfall foreground with light humming in the background. Steady and constant. Easy listening.
Rated 7 of 10

Low, intense organ-like music with heavier shimmering.
Rated 4 of 10

Medium intensity. Wa-wa-wa vibrational sounds, with electronic music background.
Rated 4 of 10

Drumming and shakers. This has variation. Light humming background. By mid-way, I realized that my teeth kept clenching. This was not a relaxing track. Rated 1 higher for musical interest.
Rated 4 of 10

I work in the field and in a nutshell each brain is unique. The amplitude or volume of specific frequencies is less important than relationship between the different frequencies and the values at different locations in the Brain including left right balance. So if you have the same level of high frequency activity at the Temporals as you do at the Frontal region this may be problematic.

Excess high frequency activity at the right side of the Temporals can indicate Fight or Flight activation so symptoms of stress/anxiety, sleep problems, emotional response etc. Excess high frequency activity at the left temporal region can indicate Freeze response such as emotional detachment, intellectual response etc. Efficient communication between the two sides is also important.

Medical EEGs have changed little in the past 60 years. The concept of Brainwaves such as alpha, beta etc. is somewhat antiquated. High resolution EEGs can break down the electrical activity into 42,000 individual frequencies.Bryan Cook

After completing the EquiSync program, I am reflecting on what my quest is all about. There are various terms which different traditions and systems use to identify a goal state such as the coherence of HeartMath Institute, the mind awake-body asleep state of EOC Institue, the Samadhi of several eastern religions and philosophies, and cosmic consciousness of mysticism. Perhaps the last most closely describes the course of my life journey. The excerpts below give a taste or overview of each term.

Observing my body-mind after the audio sessions, I am convinced that EquiSync was for me a side trip. After the last session, I was edgy, reactive and ungrounded.

I have only touched lightly in experience a few times upon the mystical state of cosmic consciousness. None were induced by technology or substance. All came in a moment of letting go. All were expansive, luminous and transcendent. As this experiment moves on, new questions arise:

Can the mystical state of cosmic consciousness be prompted by setting or actions?

Can the body-mind be brought any closer to cosmic consciousness by ‘raising its frequencies’ or ‘tuning it to the core frequency of the universe?’

Excerpts from the sites of HeartMath, EOC Institute and Wikipedia:

Question: What is coherence and how can I increase mine?

Answer: The HeartMath Institute talks a great deal about coherence – heart coherence, heart-rhythm coherence, physiological coherence, social coherence and global coherence. Coherence, in any system, from the human body to social affairs, refers to a logical, orderly and harmonious connectedness between parts of a system or between people.

When we speak of heart-rhythm coherence or physiological coherence, we are referring to a specific assessment of the heart’s rhythms that appears as smooth, ordered and sine-wavelike patterns. From a physics perspective, when we are in a coherent state, virtually no energy is wasted because our systems are performing optimally and there is synchronization between heart rhythms, the respiratory system, blood-pressure rhythms, etc.

Among the many benefits of personal coherence are increased composure, more energy, clear thinking, enhanced immune-system function and hormonal balance. – HeartMath Institute

Question: What is Heart intelligence?

Answer: Heart intelligence is the flow of intuitive awareness, understanding and inner guidance we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice. The more coherent we are and the more we pay attention to this deeper intuitive inner guidance, the greater our ability to access this intelligence more frequently. Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization and guides and evolves organisms toward increased order, awareness and coherence of their bodies’ systems. – HeartMath Institute

Samadhi, also called samapatti, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and yogic schools refers to a state of meditative consciousness. It is a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyana. In samadhi the mind becomes still. It is a state of being totally aware of the present moment; a one-pointedness of mind.Wikipedia

What is the “Mind Awake – Body Asleep” state and why is it so important?

A main goal when practicing meditation is to achieve what we call the “mind awake, body asleep” state. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes (or more for beginners) to achieve this state, becoming easier with each subsequent session. Characteristics of this powerful state:

A. The body feeling heavy, completely relaxed along with ->
B. The mind being conscious, awake, and highly aware causing ->
C. Breathing to slow down dramatically and ->
D. Thoughts starting to have less frequency and less physiological response on the body.

In this trance-like state of consciousness you can effortlessly find life solutions, release stubborn dysfunctional thought patterns, dig deep into your intuition, have creative visualization & insights, naturally balance your body’s chemistry, heal yourself on the deepest levels, and much more. Your goal for every EquiSync session is to achieve this state, if even just for a few minutes, you will see benefits: physical, psychological, mental, and emotional.
EOC Institute

In Cosmic Consciousness, Bucke stated that he discerned three forms, or degrees, of consciousness:

  • Simple consciousness, possessed by both animals and mankind
  • Self-consciousness, possessed by mankind, encompassing thought, reason, and imagination
  • Cosmic consciousness, which is ‘a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man.’

…. Bucke’s cosmic consciousness is an interconnected way of seeing things ‘which is more of an intuitive knowing than it is a factual understanding.’ …. the experience of cosmic consciousness is incomplete without the element of love, ‘which is the foundation of mystical consciousness.’

In mystic states we both become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our oneness. This is the everlasting and triumphant mystical tradition, hardly altered by differences of clime or creed. In Hinduism, in Neoplatonism, in Sufism, in Christian mysticism, in Whitmanism, we find the same recurring note, so that there is about mystical utterances an eternal unanimity which ought to make a critic stop and think, and which bring it about that the mystical classics have, as been said, neither birthday not native land. – William James / Wikipedia – Cosmic Consciousness


If anyone reading has had an experience like Cosmic Consciousness, I am more than interested to know the story and can be contacted over the Emanate Presence site linked below.





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