Eleni C.

Breaking barriers and emerging as the next big thing in music – Eleni C.

What qualities make a great music artist? Is it their vocals, their songwriting capabilities, or their stage presence? The answer is difficult but in the case of popular music artists who have already established themselves, the combination of all three is what makes them unique and magical, and a music star, having a steady stream of fan following worldwide.

History says that a majority of popular music artists from the past till date have had a strong hold over various niches connected to rhythms and melodies and that made them globally popular. When we are asked to choose our favourite music artist, we have our own preferences, which are limited to a particular person. But there are some artists who just stand head and shoulders above the rest and are a universal favourite.

Such is their impact that they are liked by even those fans who have their own reservations when it comes to choosing their favourite artist. We have a few rare gems who have created wonders owing to their uniqueness in presenting their music and are a way ahead of others when it comes to winning hearts, Eleni C comes on the top of such privileged artists who have connected well with the audiences within no time of their stepping into the music space.

This rising pop star from UK grabbed limelight due to her unique tonal quality, which made many heads turn and take notice of her singing on various occasions. Her singing prowess was identified sooner which got her representing UK in the international music festival where she swept the trophy winning in the best original song and best female singer categories.

This jump started her career and what followed was an opening act for singers and to perform at the Free Radio Live Concert in the Birmingham NEC Arena, Pride in London and the Westfield Music Cube. Eleni C had finally arrived on the music scene and got due recognition for her work having been featured on CBBC ‘The Playlist’ and various radio stations like BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Scotland and a few more. Talking about her upcoming release ‘Black and White’, she says, “My new single has a fusion of addictive hooks with reggaeton undertones and an island bounce which the audiences are going to love.” Her latest is also going to hit the popularity charts as her previous release ‘Tug of War’ which made the nation crazy after its tunes. She also featured with DJ/producer DJ Damon Hess in her single ‘Understand’, which was released a while back.

With the global pandemic halting the world’s workings, she educated herself on mental health and enriched her knowledge and expertise on the subject. She wants to join the bandwagon of pop stars who have won a million hearts with their music and charity work, and is slowly inching towards that zone. Stay tuned for more on this artist in coming months, To know more visit:  www.elenicmusic.com or follow her on Instagram: @elenicmusic.