Eli Rossman

Upturn Network is curating a network of playlists. Since the company’s birth in November of 2019, over 40 million streams have been generated for Upturn-affiliated artists. With over 7 million lifetime listeners, a figure that is increasing by the day, the sky is the limit. The songs in the network of playlists are largely comprised of independent and unsigned artists. Eli has big plans going forward. As impressive as 40 million streams and 7 million listeners is, he sees these figures as a base and not a goal.

A lesson that I believe everyone should learn, is that if you do not appreciate yourself, no one else will. It is easy to rely on others to make you feel good, when you do not feel good about yourself. And for some time, I’m sure that they will. But there will come a point that people will grow tired of constantly reassuring you about yourself, and you will feel it happen. You can go from person to person looking for reassurance and confidence boosters, but it will never be sufficient until you feel the things that others say.

Sometimes it’s more difficult to see what’s right about ourselves than what’s wrong. For some of us even thinking about our positive traits makes us uncomfortable. Praise and compliments can make us squirm, and we often don’t know how to respond without self-consciousness says Eli Rossman

You’re either self-appreciating or self-depreciating. There is no middle.”― Lana M. H. Wilder

The end of the year is deceiving. This fictional boundary puts our focus on the future — we all think about improving ourselves. Your life is like a house. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about having nicer windows or changing the colors of the walls. But if the foundation is not strong enough, the house won’t hold the weight — it will collapse. When you dream to become someone else, you stop valuing who you are. Self-appreciation is the foundation of a happy life. Without it, you can’t build a bigger you.

Eli Rossman says it’s not natural for many of us to actively look for the great work, brilliant ideas, and extra effort given by our coworkers and teams. That’s probably due to the fact that when we start our careers we’re simply focused on looking out for ourselves. But when you change your mindset to look for the good instead of the bad in the people around you, you begin to notice just how fantastic they are. Self-growth is about becoming the best version of yourself, not someone else. Appreciating who you are is the secret for a strong foundation — you can build on top of what you already are.

I am a strong believer that you must appreciate yourself in all of your forms, whether you are happy with where you are currently or not. It is vital for your growth that you acknowledge your stagnancy or your plateau. It is just as possible to come out of a tough time and become a stronger person as it is to never overcome the hardship at all. The difference between the two is appreciating yourself and believing that you can do it. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will either. That is your number one duty and responsibility to yourself he quoted.

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