CEO of Elyzee Events, also known as Elyzée Agency International, Diplomatic protocol & Celebrity relations agency. Elyzee Events is Headquartered in Paris with local agencies in NYC, London, and Geneva. He is a rising entrepreneur influencer up and coming we got the opportunity to chat with him.

Elie, What’s the craziest story that happened with your business?

“It could be a diplomat lady, calling me at 2 am asking for us to arrange for someone to go to Monaco and bring back her children’s toy/ doll. Most of our job is strange requests; that’s why they contact us and not do it themselves.”

Like what?

I can’t mention names, but in Ibiza, we helped one of the biggest and richest American public figures. Crazy stories. But you know, what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.

And who are some of the celebrities or politicians you worked with?

Everyone these days meets someone in an event and uses name dropping like they have been working for years. We don’t want to do that. So the answer is we are working with many celebrity and political people. Still, unfortunately, for confidential reasons, we will not give any names, but all the strongest musicians, actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, or athletes. They know they can trust us not to expose their names. Do you understand?

I understand. Please tell me more about your business history

Elyzée Events Agency first appeared in the United States, more precisely in New York in 1995, and is known to create a place in events over time. In a few years, we have become major players in the events and concierge services of luxury in the United States.

Our know-how and ability to respond to the most complex requests have enabled the Elyzée Events Agency to build a growing reputation. Building on its success, our urge to expand grew stronger and stronger. Therefore, in 2003, Elyzée Events Agency dropped off its luggage in the canton of Geneva. Subsequently, building on its success and know-how, the group has developed in Europe, more precisely in Paris and London, with its prestigious clients.

Who would be most interested in your services?

Unlike most concierge services worldwide, we are directly connected with the service providers with whom we work. This proximity allows you to have total control of the services we offer to our customers.

Through our various agencies located around the globe, we can respond to all the requirements for our customers. While satisfying the least of their desires.

What do you consider to be the outstanding points of the services you offer?

Our business model developed by the group on an international scale, and our marketing policy allows us to offer our customers all types of services without necessarily having the obligation to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. This economic model is one of our strengths.

With Elyzée Agency, you only pay for the services operated by us. With more than 500 employees worldwide, we offer quality offers, sometimes impractical, and at a price consistent with the market. So this is the reason why in most cases, the customer calls on us rather than another


Have you received any certifications, media recognition, or won other awards? 

Yes, we won the Golden palm with Paris Match for the luxury brand of services.

What is your long-term strategy?

I want to expand my activity and broaden my range of benefits. With the world of luxury growing and constantly changing, we must offer our customers even more new features and challenges. In the coming years, we wish to develop our various agencies, and thus in open new ones in Japan or Russia, follow on Instagram Website