How often are we sitting on the sofa – talking with our friends – and we start speaking, only to stumble over what we want to say?

Almost never.

Yet, we get in front of an audience, and our preparation goes out the window as we falter, bumble, and stumble through our first sentences.


Because we don’t expect the audience.

Yes, we expect there will be an audience. What we don’t anticipate, is how our perspective will shift when we stand up at the front.

Our view changes from sitting in the audience, looking at the stage, to suddenly the opposite view of the audience from the stage.

Often the moment we take to the stage is the first time we actually see the room from that view, and the stimulation overload causes us to pause, stumble, and forget our words.

Our brain processes all the new information and now with everyone suddenly looking at us, we might just freeze up.

So in that first moment – we are surprised! And we feel stage fright.

If we’re well prepared, once we get used to the audience, we have no problem.

An easy trick is to sit at the front, and before you speak, turn around.

Glance over your shoulder and scan the room. See what the room will look like from the perspective of the stage. Then, once you get on stage, it won’t be the first time you’ve seen it, and you’ll begin with ease.

Look at who you’ll be speaking to. Get used to seeing the crowd.

It’s a small thing, yet this one step will give you greater confidence as you step out on stage.

Know your audience – Eliminate Stage Fright.


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