A few years ago, a study by Work-front, revealed a problem in the industry, and that is that it faces stress levels in a high percentage of its members, more exactly and according to the study, 1 in 4 marketers He manifests feeling too much stress for reasons such as work overload, lack of staff and the highest levels were in those in leadership positions.

It is not necessary to read the studies to know that the truth is that we live a digital era at all, and in which we live immersed and hyper-connected and especially for marketers, it is easy for the work to also consume our personal time, for example when we see the email of a client or a social media campaign that requires an urgent change.

What can be some stress triggers in marketing?

The imperative need to operate with high levels of attention and have high performance: in the field of marketing there is a lot of competition and the natural consequence of such competition is the need to operate with very high levels of concentration and always maintaining high performance the penalty of losing our audience or customers. You can get the right info from LemonDog Marketing agency.

Last-minute requests, and short deadlines: The work in marketing implies in addition to other things as explained by buyoutubeviews , the production of content in text, images, video etc. that often do not conform to what the client wants and that will require changes or that As in most cases, such material must be released immediately, without giving much time for processing.

Work overload: In addition to these 2 there is also another scenario in which a marketing agency or a freelancer has committed to complete more jobs than their schedule or workforce can allow them to do. Some of the strategies to keep in mind to keep stress at minimum levels

Reject job proposals with absurd delivery times:

It will not be unusual for you to occasionally find work requests in which the client has an emergency and asks you for jobs that you simply cannot complete in the time they are requested. Sometimes it is better to refuse a client than to agree to put yourself under stress for work that you cannot complete anyway.

Establish work processes and share them both with your work team and with your clients:

it is not the most effective thing that in a company works are executed without a previously established process, if the same kind of work is done in one way and then another The safest way is that you will not have the results you expect in a consistent way, it is also necessary that you establish what your internal processes are to let them know in advance to the client and that there are fewer situations where he asks you how the project is going?

Promote an effective communication culture within your agency:

Stress tends to be a product of both chaos as well as fear. At this point, the important thing is to cultivate effective communication at all levels to encourage people to have confidence in expressing their ideas, needs and concerns.

Do not take negative situations personally:

If a project, a design, an idea, or a proposal is rejected, the rejection should not be taken personally, mainly because they are not rejecting you as a person, but your proposal, idea, design etc.; and we must know how to differentiate between personal and professional and admit that we are not infallible.

Exploit techniques to help you override or transmute stress:

We all know the benefits that are already scientifically proven, of some techniques such as meditation. Allow yourself and allow your team to look for spaces in which to try new activities that reduce stress or transmute it to another emotion close to the spectrum; but positive as expectation, enthusiasm etc. To conclude, although the world of marketing may seem very chaotic and be a source of much stress, it can be kept at bay with the right strategies. So that your agency or your freelance business does not sink into its beginnings due to stress and can grow, you must constantly monitor it as you would with the metrics of your campaigns and adopt the changes that are required


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