A Common Pattern

For nearly 20 years now I have worked in the health and wellness space and have come to an interesting conclusion. Most people who are successful at getting healthy and staying healthy eliminate the need for motivation by leveraging momentum. You may be telling yourself it is impossible to gain momentum without first having motivation to get started. That is where most people who aren’t consistent with their health habits go wrong. After many years of witnessing this first hand it is a common pattern I have noticed. Motivation comes and goes and ultimately you must have discipline to establish consistency with your health.

Why Motivation is Essentially Worthless

As a registered nurse, personal trainer and health coach, one of the most common things I hear from people is how they just aren’t motivated. This all has to do with mindset and is basically just another version of negative self-talk. When we tell ourselves over and over that we aren’t motivated to do something we start to believe it. All this does is take us further away from taking action. When you constantly feed your subconscious mind with negative thoughts like telling yourself you aren’t motivated, you are only delaying what is necessary to achieve peak health. That is where many people go wrong.

How to Break Through the Lack of Motivation

Searching for motivation is often a hopeless cause. If you aren’t currently motivated to focus on your health it could be a very long road for you. Most people agree that health is wealth but breaking through the barrier of no motivation can be challenging. It doesn’t take a long look around the country to see that we have a real issue on our hands with the obesity epidemic. The approach that I have found most successful has to do with embracing the struggle. Those who lack motivation to initiate healthy lifestyle changes must realize that in the beginning they cannot rely on motivation when it’s nonexistent. They must instead accept the fact that they will have to force themselves to take action in order to acquire motivation. By utilizing this approach and keeping the promises you make to yourself, it can essentially add years to your life by eliminating further delay.

Immediate Action Leads to Massive Momentum

By embracing the struggle and taking immediate action we set ourselves up to benefit greatly from momentum. Momentum is one of the most powerful forces there is and can help propel us forward toward our goals. When it comes to health, momentum is crucial because it creates such a compounding effect on our bodies. By taking immediate action your body will reward you heavily in the beginning. You will start to feel better and your overall mood will improve and this is when motivation starts to kick in. A few weeks later you’ll start to see visible changes which leads to even more motivation to keep going. After that other people will start to notice which leads to even more motivation. This is where the magic happens and now you’ve got momentum and motivation on your side. Eliminating the need for motivation by leveraging momentum can be a bit of a process. But the reward is better overall health and I think we can all agree that health is wealth.

In Summary

In order to eliminate the need for motivation we must be willing to embrace the struggle and forcefully take action in the beginning. Mindset is key to growth in any area of life and when it comes to health it is your most important asset. Eliminating the need for motivation by leveraging momentum is what helped me with my own health transformation. I would be lying if I said I was motivated every time I work out. But after leveraging momentum long enough, I was able to establish the discipline needed when motivation is lacking. Mental clarity, better energy levels, better sleep and a healthy physique are all worth the temporary struggle required when motivation simply doesn’t exist. You certainly won’t find motivation sitting in a package on your front porch. But when you eliminate the need for motivation by leveraging momentum instead, better health is just a decision away.