Elisa Canali

How easy would our lives and business be, if we can make the right decision that works the best for us? You might have heard that many successful entrepreneurs hired a business coach or advisors, who guides them to make better decisions. They spend hours reading books and learning from their mistakes. Making the right decision is always a complicated process.

What if we are new to entrepreneurship? 

Not knowing how to brand the business and where to say “Yes or No”, can create a loss.

One of the things many of us ignore is, finding time to learn more about ourselves and our behavior. 

We are the one who decide for our life and business. So, we should be aware about how we make a choice for certain.

If we spend more time learning about ourselves and what we are good at, the result can make us more successful cause it’s aligned to us. The best way to know things about ourselves is from Human Design reading. This helps us to reduce hassle and creates our path to success more stable.

To know more about Human Design and how it works, we reach out to Elisa Canali. She has helped many business owners achieve success through Human Design and Business Coaching.

1. Hello Elisa, We are excited to interview you and share your expertise with our readers. Please tell us more about your work.

 My name is Elisa Canali, and I am the only business coach I know who combines Human Design, Gene Keys and an extensive knowledge in business, marketing and branding to unlock your highest potential. 

My coaching and mentoring journey started with an extremely solid base with over 12 years of experience in multi million dollars companies, guiding and supporting leaders in their sectors, where I started working when I was 22 and I have had the opportunity to sit at the table with CEOS, CFOS, art directors, marketing directors. It’s given me an edge in the online space because I understand both the soul and the strategy in this fast paced industry…

I believe in integrity, alignment and activation. You are already magic, and it is just a matter of unlocking it. I have created successful businesses (as a therapist, in the fashion industry, and as a coach) through word of mouth referrals.

I don’t rely solely on strategy, though I am a powerful channeler and I use my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance to precisely guide my clients to more abundance, more prosperity, and more manifestations coming with ease. When you work with your energetic blueprint hidden in your Human Design & Gene Keys you unlock so many mysteries and clarity to your highest level. This is where your soul has all the answers for you- and with a combination of a balance of masculine and feminine energy- we co-create magic together! 

2. When a client reaches out to you, what is the one common challenge you see most of them are facing?

The most common challenge I have seen within the coaching industry as a whole is managing their energy, and understanding how to actually enjoy making money from creating strategy based on your design. When it comes to online business, there are so many strategies and tactics out there- but so many of them are misleading and disconnected. When you start applying Human Design and Gene keys to your life and business, you start to see the patterns. 

It is as if you have the key to higher levels of connection, prosperity and joy. With human design, there is so much more ease and flow. Teams work together better. Client acquisition is so much easier, and less resistant. Money and opportunities start showing up for you, because you are showing up for yourself in your own, individual genius. 

3. Why should entrepreneurs/ business owners do Human design reading?

When entrepreneurs get human design readings, it allows business to be so much easier. It opens up the opportunity for business owners to ask the right questions, instead of constantly feeling like they’re one step behind, or unable to be their true selves when creating their strategy.  When you know how to operate from your genetic potential, and how you are designed, there is no more distrust. 

There is no more trial and error because you know what works uniquely for you. When you coach your clients, you know exactly their strengths and weaknesses within their chart, and how to best market. Where their genius lies and how to unlock it. You are uniquely designed, and there is not one chart equal to the other, so it is all about redefining what you “allowed” to do. It shows you how to accept your individual genius, and monetize it. 

If you are interested in learning more about Human Design and Gene keys to unlock radiance and prosperity, you can find me at ElisaCanali.com. I offer Gene Keys & Human Design Assessment chart readings,  1:1 coaching, high level masterminds, and I also have a free Facebook group where you can watch trainings and get content for even more understanding of the magic that is Gene Keys and HD. If you have any questions about what the best options are for you, reach out to the email [email protected]!