When we enter into the world of glamour, we often think of the lives of the rich and famous. Lights. Cameras. More Action. The glamorous life is present with its sparkles, riches, happiness, elegance, and all of the dreams of success. Glamour is beautiful. Traditional images of glamour are depicted as “closed off” to the greater masses of society. They are viewed as “untouchable.” In fact, the very term of “glamour” depicted as being removed from the daily realities of the masses of people. We have heard it on our television screens and radio stations. The glamorous lives of the rich and famous. Its a “special world,” where people get to escape the real world. After all, they have the money, power, and prestige to do so. So, why wouldn’t they? Who would step outside of the glamorous life in order to interact, and face, the ugly realities and hardships of every day living? Glamour is beautiful. Glamour is supposedly easy. People treat you better when your image is connected with beauty, comfort, and the easy of moving through life. In mainstream depictions, there are no rewards for struggle.

There are those persons, who defied the confinements of glamour. Removing themselves from the comforts of “getting along to get along,” they decided to venture into the worlds of the not so glamorous. The destitute. The brokenhearted. The suffering. The Terminally Ill. in a terse amount of words, they shattered biases and the social hierarchy, connected to the very term. With certain people-individuals, who made a career in the glamorous life-glamour didn’t mean being removed from the humanity of others. Such precious Spirits, transformed the term, into a beauty of realness. Through their actions, glamour came to be defined as the “ability to beautify the common reality.” Of course, there is a price to pay. I”m sure you can imagine the conflict, such would create among elite groups, who had previously monopolized the term. Seeing the behaviors of those caring individuals, and members of their group, as a betrayal to the preservation of their social standing. Can you imagine the level of tension such caused? Gossip. Slander. Socially isolated. Demeaned. Harassed. Life threatening. The consequences of moving into the forbidden are extreme. After all, you don’t get the pass of maneuvering between fancy and poor worlds, and getting away with. Then again, there are those who take the chance. They take the risk, and understand that the rewards are much more fruitful, than the manipulation of a term.

“Its all about hope, kindness, and a connection to one another.”

Elizabeth Taylor

We know her name. We remember her legacy. Yet, when we delve further into the ugly side of humanizing the term glamour, very few are aware of the sacrifices. Perhaps, now, people are starting to open up and come to realize that some of the most beautiful women, don’t always go through the beautiful paths. There are those, who choose to use their outer and inner attraction, in illuminating the need to spread beauty in spaces, where ugliness has painted it away. Yes, they will face challenges. They will be demeaned and rejected by members of the glamorous police. However, at the very end, their legacy will articulate their care and passion, in performing authentic definitions of beauty. They will come to reinvent the very definition of glamour, and the image, often associated with it. In their lives, glamour is for the people. One such dame, who lived that principle, in the truest of its form, is the one and only. . .

Elizabeth Taylor


When it came to the battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, it were voices such as the Elizabeth Taylors, which popularized the movement, before it was even deemed acceptable. She spoke about the need to advocate, and provide care and services, to those victims of HIV/AIDS. We hear the name. That very name whispers the vivacity of glamour. The beauty and legacy of her career affirmed that her name and image would hold a very sacred place and gem, within the term. However, what must also be understood is how she is able to navigate, and create a new image of what it meant to live the “life and style of the rich and famous.” A significant part of that included spreading healing and fulfillment to those, who had been ostracized and marginalized. Those very persons, who were deemed as the ills of society, she took in. Elizabeth Taylor was a champion for those deemed, “unloveable.” Those sacred individuals, who battled for their lives against a virus that very few could understand, within that particular time. Fears ran rapid throughout the country. During the initial years in the discovery of HIV, there was little known information, concerning how the virus was spread. Could you get it with a simple hug? Was it being spread throughout the air? Did kissing translate into getting the virus? Very little information was known. Yet, you had a brave Soul, such as Elizabeth Taylor, who went into this unknown world, in order to save the lives of so many individuals.

The Elizabeth Taylor Foundation is, and has been, a power player in the safety and wellness of HIV/AIDS patients. It was in 1985, when Elizabeth Taylor first officially joined the fight in combating this epidemic. During this time, she became the Chair of the AIDS Project Los Angeles’ Commitment to Life, which was fundraising money for HIV/AIDS patients. Flash forward to six years later, and we observe the establishment of her own foundation, which would impact the lives of so many people. She was consistent in her lobbying during the Reagan administration, and Congress, for laws, that would recognize the epidemic. Just imagine the power of such actions. It is the power of transformation. It is the power of taking an issue-one that was “supposed” to remain hidden-and bringing it into the visible realm. Furthermore, it is her power in making this epidemic a comfortable topic in the seen world, which is even more empowering. Such is the power of transformation. Through her Hollywood and celebrity status, Elizabeth Taylor added glamour in combating this disease. In fact, she made the fight against HIV/AIDS a glamorous campaign. No longer was it considered “ugly” to bring healing. No longer was is considered “ugly” to beautify the humanity for a particular group of people. Wow! Isn’t that glamorous? Let’s delve further.


The term “glamour” is defined as “an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.” Therefore, when you have a woman such as Elizabeth Taylor, who brings beauty to radiate through ugly domains, she is living the glamorous life. Taking one’s glamour and beauty, and spreading it, in order for beauty to transform ugly spaces, is holistic. Certain “friends” and business partners may have turned against her. Yet, the power of her actions indicated that she understood the true definition of the term; moreso than those, who exploit it for their own, faux feelings of inadequacy. Those individuals who use the term, in order to separate themselves from humanity; wanting to feel important and prestigious, in order to flaunt it around the less fortunate. Perhaps, that is why people turned against. Perhaps, that is why she received death threats (as mentioned by her friend, mentee, and business partner, Kathy Ireland). It was more than just the taboo of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It was more than simply wanting to be distant from a stigma. After all, why would people take it that far? Why would anyone go so far as to threaten a person’s life, other than wanting to prevent the release of certain magic?

“You find out who your real friends are when you’re involved in a scandal.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Sitting back and reflecting upon the life and work of Elizabeth Taylor, one observes that magical sparkle, which made her elegant. Its one thing to have that spark presented on film and television. Its another, when you are able to take that shine into the real world. That’s when you know that a person is truly glamorous. When a person can exude a magnificent light in their interactions with the brokenhearted, the sick, and the neglected, that’s when you understand they have the Spirit of glamour; for they have the power to perform it. For such wonderful Spirits, glamour is lived, and is natural. You cannot fake it. You cannot pretend it is there. You cannot even dress it up with material gain and style; nor buy it. It comes from the Spirit. Either you have it, or you don’t. Isn’t that something? Wow! Now, it makes sense. In fact, it makes perfect sense! Her fierceness in moving into ugliness, and bringing in the light, was a revelation of truth. For Elizabeth Taylor to perform the magic of glamour, within the real world, revealed the true imagery of those who sit in its domain-occupying its domain-yet, do not have the ability to perform its power. That’s why they did not like her. Its why Elizabeth Taylor’s involvement in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic, was discouraged by certain people within the Hollywood scene. After all, Hollywood is supposed to be a magical place, where only beauty is permitted. Sadness or sorrow supposedly doesn’t enter within this particular setting; neither does sickness. My, oh my, how wrong they were! And our Darling, Elizabeth Taylor, had the power to, prove them wrong! For in illuminating this other side of glamour, this true sense of glamour, she had proved the falsehood in the popular one. Elizabeth Taylor did not live in the glamorous world. She was a personification of its very Being.

“It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Hearing the stories of Elizabeth Taylor’s life and humanitarian work, we are moved into understanding what is must have been like for those persons, who felt healing from her. For her to enter into certain spaces, and provide human touch to those considered “untouchable,” what did that magic look like? Keep in mind that we were not there. However, we can simply imagine. We can listen to those, who knew her the most. We can hear her own words from this glamorous dame, herself. Taking these different pieces, and gluing them together, in order to observe the entire puzzle! It may not have all been a pretty picture! The media had no problem highlighting those ugly chapters in her life. Yet, despite it all, it did not cause her to lose her glamour. She was beautiful. When you carry the Spirit of glamour, it never goes away. Never. If Elizabeth Taylor taught us anything through her professional and humanitarian work, it is this. . .the true nature of glamour, ALWAYS begins, within!

https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2011/03/25/134798242/elizabeth-taylor-an-aids-activist-to-remember; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

And so, as we continue to reflect upon the wonders of this sacred day, and a special woman, who performed a grander role than what was expected of her, allow us to keep the sacredness of this transformation, in mind. There is more than the term, and very nature to the term, than to simply dress up in the part, or imitate its magic. When a person walks in the authentic Spirit of glamour, the magical sparkle naturally shows. You don’t have to force it, to be. There is no reason for such. It becomes as natural as drinking water. Period. That’s all which needs to be said. Elizabeth Taylor performed glamour onstage, and off. That’s the very blessing in having been able to experience her, while on Earth. Those, who truly knew her, too, were (and art) sacred angels. After all, angels can only truly sit in the company of other angels. That’s a reality. And, its the truth! Nevertheless, that same glamour and level of beauty has been captured, as one example for current and future generations.

https://www.looktothestars.org/news/16364-elizabeth-taylor-aids-foundation-celebrates-legendary-stars-85th-birthday-with-video-fundraiser;Edits By Lauren K. Clark

So glamour on, Darling Angel! Allow your legacy, and energies, to propel us into a realm of love and beauty. Singing vision for the transformation of a more beautiful world. Spreading beauty and happiness, during a time of silence, when people were troubled, is part of her magical allure. Elizabeth Taylor was the voice and the angel, who showed the world what true glamour is! And no, it didn’t translate into hiding behinds one’s fancy mansion in Bel Air. It didn’t mean only going to the most prestigious balls and social events, for the sake of making appearances. In Elizabeth Taylor’s world, glamour translated into the healing arts. Spreading healing throughout every terrain, and making sure that those most affected by this horrendous epidemic would have a sense of peace, comfort, love, and hope! That was the way. That was the glamorous way! Not everyone supported it. And, that’s fine. When you are doing Heaven’s work, everyone is not meant to support you, or take on that journey, with you. Quite frankly, that’s when you know you are experiencing the true definitions of, glamour. And when you are fulfilling it, you don’t have to explain. You only LIVE it, and allow your legacy to speak for itself.



For more information on The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, kindly go to the following link: https://elizabethtayloraidsfoundation.org/



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