Based in New Jersey, Elina was disillusioned three years back, when she suffered from extreme mood swings, her decisions were sabotaging her life, she didn’t have a work-life balance, she was going through bad relationships, and not living life nearly up to her personal potential. On the outside though, the world saw her as a different person altogether, having a cushiony 6 figure job and an active social life. All the personal issues were taking a toll on her health, eventually resulting in her undergoing an invasive surgery. It was after that episode that Ellina gained a new perspective on life, but she admittedly didn’t have any clue as to where to start. That’s when she was introduced to meditation, and after some time practicing and making better decisions for herself, she started gaining back her confidence and will power and was ready to give life a second chance.

To make the most out of life she decided to move to her dream city Miami, Florida after leaving her corporate job and started her own venture ‘Office Flow Consulting’, which specialized in bringing mindfulness practices and workshops for businesses that want their employees to recognize their mental power in today’s times where people are lost in the rat race to achieve the best, and in the process have isolated themselves severely which in turn has affected their mental health. She realized this depletion in mental health was having significant negative impacts on workplace productivity and she sought out to change that for businesses through trainings and workshops.

Ellina also runs a private coaching practice where she helps with common mental setbacks like anxiety and coaches her students on how to increase their confidence levels. “I have helped many of my clients achieve clarity in their vision, which has pushed them towards realizing their dreams. Today I can proudly say that many of my clients have fulfilled their desires like landing up their dream job or moving to the city of their dreams or pursue a career which interested them, and all this with complete peace of mind”, states Ellina.

Apart from this, she also runs an online community called Pocket Yoda Social Club which has clients from across the globe wanting to live a conscious lifestyle, its a community that support and encourage each other as members share their life experiences. DJ’ing is another passion of hers which keeps her feeling young and vibrant, it’s a hobby that serves as an outlet for all her hard work. Today Ellina’s life has undergone a complete 180 degree change for the good, and she is in a much better space than she has ever been all her life. She wants people to know that this type of transformation is available to anyone who’s willing to look and work for it.