Female leaders are put in a tough position when it comes to having both work life and a personal life. Traditionally, society has taught women to pick one or the other. However, successful female leaders in the world of business today are finding a way to have both. Here are some tips for maintaining a work-life balance while still being a successful female leader. 

Focus on Yourself 

It can be tempting to compare yourself with other female leaders in your industry. Whether you’re comparing your work style or family life, this behavior is toxic. The first step to creating balance in your life is to only focus on what you want. This will involve avoiding comparisons and expectations that others have set for you. Remember, like Facebook posts, that sometimes the image of a working woman who has mastered raising children, being a partner, and a successful leader may not be reality.  

Get Organized

The only way to not over-book yourself is to be organized. This means penciling in every detail of both work and home life. Some female leaders enjoy large desk calendars that are easy to reference in a pinch. Don’t forget to schedule in rest time. It sounds insane, but for many female leaders, scheduling in rest time is the only way that it will happen! If you’re against the idea of rest time, remind yourself that your body and mind both need a break for you to do your best work and be the best version of yourself.   Scheduling sleep is vital.  A sleep deprived brain causes depression, eating disorders, and mood swings.

Don’t Do It Alone

It can be tempting to maintain control of your business by doing everything yourself. However, this will inevitably lead to you going crazy. All successful leaders have the ability to delegate tasks. Delegating tasks to your highly skilled team will free up some of your workdays. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks at home too. Women are often stereotyped into an abundance of chores at home. It is important to communicate with your partner and divide the work. Sharing menu planning with older children and using delivery or pickup options are easy ways to engage your family while also finishing the task of meals.

Move Your Body at Work

If you’re having a particularly stressful day, it is always good to take a walk. Whether it is in the building or around the block, taking a minute to move your body will alleviate the stress that the day has caused. Don’t be afraid to take a break and step away when you need it.  Playing music, singing, or watching an inspirational 5 minute video works, too.

Ember Conley believes that being a female leader and having a good work-life balance is possible! However, it requires organization, planning, and flexibility when things don’t go as expected. 

This article was originally published at EmberConley.org.