Last year we lost a great number of our cultural icons. Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, John Glen, Muhammad Ali, Florence Henderson, Glenn Frey, Brenda Slawinski. Ok the last one wasn’t a celebrity, she was a friend of the family, but the idea holds.

Our ancestors aren’t just family. They are anyone who carried a light in them that we connected to, that lifted us up. Their light called up parts of our highest selves encouraging us to be more. Their sparks called to our sparks and we created a bonfire. David Bowie taught me how to not fit in fabulously. Carrie Fisher taught me how to be powerful and authentic. John Glen taught me how to reach for the stars. Brenda Slawinski taught me how to be a smartass.

Look to the ancestors you lost last year and find what spark they light up in you. Be intentional about building that spark into a guiding light for others to see. Remember, you are someone’s ancestor in the future and they need your sparks.

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