Strengthen Your Bliss in Life and Business by Surrendering to Change

Embracing change is still a big deal. How do you feel about it?

Because you are reading my blog for business tips and personal life tips, I consider you a well-developed person who has done great spiritual work and carefully assessed topics of importance in your personal life and business life. You have been on your path for a while. Yet how do you really feel about change?

There is a common denominator among the diversity of people I connect with, whether entrepreneurs, business people or people in their personal life. On embracing change, there are still two main attitudes that divide most people, even when they have the intention to change.
 Let go of judgement and identify which group you belong to in this first step in moving forward.

Which is your Attitude to Change?

1). Fear of Change

2). Forcing Change

Whether you fear change or force change as a rational choice, you still do not embrace change as a natural process.

New Mind Frame

Consider embracing a new mind frame and allowing yourself to surrender to a new way to feel about change.

If you fear change, you are living in the future instead of the present. Usually, people who fear change cannot forgive themselves for past mistakes. They stand between what they judge to be past failures and a catastrophic future. Who wouldn’t fear change with that frame of mind?

People who force themselves to change — because they rationally believe it’s the right thing to do — are not embracing change as a natural process. They are using only their rational brains. They are not in the present and do not trust themselves.

Embrace a new mind frame! Stop judging yourself! Understand that it may be difficult to embrace change. Be honest with yourself. Take a deep breath and trust yourself.

Surrender to the joy of embracing change from the heart, from a place of trust in yourself. Then step out into this new reality.

Get in touch with your braveness. Whether you feared change or forced it, embrace failure as the first step to success. Trust that you have learned.

Being present and trusting ourselves is the only way to change in our personal life and business life. It’s easier to welcome change when you are willing to adopt a new mind frame, one that honours and trusts yourself first.

– XOXO Monica

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Originally published at on February 15, 2017.

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