Walking in the park and writing to relieve stress.

We often feel like our world is spinning out of control; faster and faster. Information comes at us from every direction with all of our devices. Sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own when they talk out of turn. We travel faster and further than ever before. We pollute, bring in plants and animals not native to their environment, and spread out everywhere. It seems as if everything is moving, until we stop.

During this new pandemic caused by another coronavirus (sadly, I can even spell it now), most of us have something that slowed down in our lives. Whether it is taking kids to school, driving to work, or fewer shopping trips, for many of us our lives have slowed down in some way. Health, safety, and emergency personnel are working harder than ever, while many of us have the convenience of doing our work in a new way.

I say we are slowing down, but the truth is, that despite less driving for many, families are often taking on more responsibilities. Managing and teaching children who are home all day while working full time from an open space or home office. I work from a home office, so my work hasn’t undergone a drastic change. Much of the time I am using the same technology to connect with clients, publish articles, and write. I do find that I am going fewer places, so I have more time.

There have been some disappointments. I was disappointed about plans I had to cancel feeling unsure about when they would resume if at all, so I made new plans and reservations that I can cancel if needed. It gave me such a boost to have plans.

  • I am checking in with friends and family, hosting Zoom meetings, writing, and chewing over more meaningful ways to represent myself as a coach and author.
  • I am finding ways to add color and fun to my life and my business.
  • I am enjoying writing. Playing around with words. Seeing the nuances in meaning of the different ways of ordering words.
  • I take a 2-3 mile walk every day, and appreciate something new I see.
  • I give where I can to those who were on the edge before, and now find themselves in a life and financial crisis.

I get most of my news from email subscriptions and avoid most of the nightly news drama. I support others when I can with their stress.

We have always had change. In our history, we have had change that was more disruptive than this pandemic, but I don’t think we have ever had a change that affected most people in the world at one time. World economies are intertwined as the people are. My hope is that rather than embracing fear, we will come together to embrace change, expect it, and look for ways to work together on solutions.

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