If your life isn’t measuring upto your inner barometer. If you feel like you are always replaying the past in your mind. It is right about time to look to the future. It is time to dust off those dreams that used to intimidate you.

The Journey of a new decades started off yesterday without any more having control on the time,hours, minutes or seconds. Interestingly, many are living in their past and restricting the inflow of a new aurora of possibility regardless of what situations they are in.

Now,there is a room for anyone who will choose embrace the greatest version of themselves by:

1)Identifying and sharing your fear. 2) Sharing their vulnerability and making it much easier to understand and interprets.

Several years ago,I was a little girl growing up in a community where my domestic engagement those years was to sell on the street as a mean of livelihood.

I would likely say this now “Every stone threw at me then on the Journey has become a MILESTONES. Why? Because I never allow my situation or background to dictates the life I live now.

Therefore, you are require to find the YOU! Embrace the YOU and reframe every moment for optimum productivity in this new decades.

The Journey to making everyday counts depends on YOU!

Thank you for reading.

Blessing Oloyo.