Well, I’ve just returned from quite a rabbit hole I might say. Through the descent I discovered more about myself, about acceptance and not resisting what is, or attempting to replace said what is’s for what if’s. lol. Scrupulous, I know.

As I emerged from said descent, I discovered that what if’s are dangerous. Though from a therapeutic perspective surely they can be extremely liberating in exploring alternative realities of past decisions, it is never good to dwell there. To dwell there is to become stuck there. A life lived well includes no regrets. Having said that, in order to fully release your journey from regrets, it is most powerful to confront decisions made. In this way we release the stranglehold of what if’s, which can appear from time to time, and emerge in a powerful state of accepting what is.

This has prompted my 2018 New Years Dispositions that I want to share with you. 7 of them, which can transform realities for this powerful year to come.

1.) Regret holds no power over my life. We have the opportunity to see the panorama of our lives if we stop to reflect. One door may have closed but another was opened. Pain would have been found in either door because our journey of life is not one of sublime peace, but one of wretchedness leading to awareness. Of karma coming to the surface to be confronted and released. Of spiritual contracts being confronted and fulfilled. Having faith that each and every door I entered was in the divine unfolding of my purpose, and that each door I entered sacredly protected me from far worse outcomes of lessons manifested in the doors that were closed.

2.) I give gratitude for all of the pain. I salute my battle scars and emotional wounds. I give thanks and praise for the tears, heartache and disappointments. They made me into who I am today, and granted me a deep ability for emotional agility, mental strength and deep deep faith. And of course, they granted me the opportunity to confront and embrace the wallows of my heart, and the darkness of my self. In order that I can choose the former, actively.

3.) I am not my past. In acknowledging the transformational power of my pain, I do not reside there. I acknowledge that all that I have experienced has set me up for myself today, and tomorrow. I empower myself with the knowledge that lessons learned are lessons that needn’t be repeated. In short, the past does not dictate my future. My present moment of acceptance does.

4.) I choose to presently engaged in what brings me joy and satisfaction. This is not to say that I don’t engage in duties that are less than joyful, because I do and will always have to. It is to say that I focus my main attention on things that bring me joy. I flutter with the experience of hope, contentment and inspiration in all things I do. I transcend my duties with the fondness of my joy.

5.) I call upon tangible truths in paving my journey. I do not hold onto dogma that is baseless in real terms. I allow for empirical evidence to dictate my perception of truth and non truth. I liberate myself from dictating inner truths are the same as outer truths. They are not.

6.) I accept the consequences of all of my decisions, actions, thoughts and deeds. Yes, the big girl pants. 2018 is going to be all about standing and remaining in the power of intentions and choice. And in order to get to that place, we have to accept where we have been. With this acceptance, a deep love filled with forgiveness falls upon all that was resultant from my actions, thoughts or deeds. This forgiveness allows me to embrace and celebrate the good and wise actions, thoughts and deeds that blessed me beyond measure with love, joy and protection.

7.) I am a powerful creator, and when I am free from self restraints, the mountains in my life can be moved. Yes indeed. As an originator of love, creation and power I can manifest whatever dreams may be borne in my heart. My peace and presence can allow for the divine unfoldment of my purpose, and only when I am actively pursuing this can I be truly alive.

My journey, as yours, was riddled with heartache, disappointments and opportunities for transformation. This is as good a time as any to acknowledge that, and step into your moments with grandeur and peace.

Wishing you the best in the New Year.

~ Caitlin

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