My experience

I can fly…

Yes, I experienced sky diving in the world’s largest indoor sky diving wind tunnel named iFly. (click here to see my video)

In the starting it felt like a difficult decision. I had all the butterflies in my stomach. But I made up my mind and said to myself ‘whatever it be, let me see’.

Till the time I was in my comfort zone, I was feeling nervous and thought many times whether I should quit or not.

The moment I was out of my comfort zone, it hardly took some seconds to be in the flow and enjoy the moment.

I learnt from this experience that, the easiest way to deal with any uncertainty is to face it and embrace it.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Have you ever experienced that moment, when you came out of your comfort zone to face the unknown, and as a result the things that scared you once, just became another usual thing.

Sometimes, it’s worth taking the risk and giving a try. When we get used to crossing our comfort zone, we start embracing the uncertainties. 

“The more you resist, the more it persists.”

Carl Jung

Though I am not a person who loves adventures, neither I am a fan of thriller movies, but when into such unknown situations, where I am not sure of what is going to happen next, I just try to be in the flow and prefer to follow, not judge. And this helps me to embrace uncertainty.

Uncertainty is part of our life, life is so uncertain, we are not even sure of the number of breaths we are left with. So, there is no point of getting afraid of the uncertainties. Prepare your mind, to face the unknown.

Let us start embracing the uncertainties of life and make life beautiful. Uncertainty to some extent is essential to make life worth experiencing. It also beautifies our experiences.

Just assume:

You purchased ticket to watch a new movie and was very excited for the show. You wanted to reach the venue on time so as to not miss a single scene. On the way you called a friend to share your excitement, without being unaware that your friend have already watched that movie. In response, your friend shared the entire story with you & broke open the suspense of the movie. 

How will you feel? 

What will happen to your level of excitement & joy?

The movie is exciting when we don’t know how the story will unfold. Uncertainty about the story would have made the movie experience more exciting. 

Uncertainty to some extent makes life beautiful and joyful. 

Just like we embrace uncertainty during the smooth & exciting moments of our life, we should try to do the same during rough times as well. Sometimes, it’s good to just flow in the flow and embrace uncertainty.

When the things are beyond control,

When life becomes chaotic & cruel,

Instead of feeling helpless, just think less.

When the rough times knocks your door,

When you are struck on the floor,

Instead of pushing yourself out, just be stout.

When you can’t find the way,

When the night is longer than day,

Instead of being fidgety, just embrace uncertainty!