I was invited to a phenomenal vision board party a few weeks back. One of the things the host did was set expectations on the outcome as well as ask everyone attending to do “pre-work.”

She sent a list of questions to which we provided responses in advance. The first question was: what’s your super power?

Although I have thought on several occasions about my gifts and talents, this was a good way to start the year — framing it up in the context of the gifts and talents that have been granted to me, yet actually are much bigger than me. Not skills I necessarily have honed, but things that come natural with very little work.

As I responded to her, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between my super power and the image of myself as a superhero. Something like wonder woman — with the boots, the rope and the bracelets — only I have a cape. Yes, I definitely have a cape. Still, the premise is the same, to use my power for the forces of good. How refreshing is that?

Two years ago, I recorded a conversation between my older nephew and my then four-year old son because I wanted to capture the heart of childhood dreams. (I have shared a link at the bottom of this post). In it, my nephew prompts my son to talk about what he wants to be when he grows up. Of course, my kid, like many kids (and adults, too) would like to be a superhero.

The most striking part of the conversation to me is when my older nephew digs for a deeper response and asks for something more realistic. And though my son finally relents to becoming a chef (he loves to eat so this should work out well for him), the core of it stuck to me.

Don’t we all have a deep desire to live in our superhero space? The big question — why can’t we? What makes us think that soaring and saving the world isn’t realistic?

This is a question I now ask myself every day. What is standing between me and the superhero that lives inside? And I challenge myself to do like all the hero favorites that have come before me — to be fearless — even in the face of kryptonite.

Living a life tapping into our super power is the most realistic and authentic path we can ever walk. It gives us all the ability to affect change and to do it in a way that resonates with others. So, if you read my writing and I seem to be in a certain flow, or you talk to me and I seem to be even more positive than I’m known for being, or you see me and it seems like I’m floating — that’s because I’ve embraced my super power.

Shouldn’t we all?


Originally published at medium.com