As 2023 concludes and 2024 unfolds, I reflect on the lessons etched into my journey. A focal point has been the exploration of forgiveness—an odyssey of letting go without judgment. I confronted pain head-on, allowing it to pass through me without nurturing grudges or harboring unpleasant emotions. Recognizing my role as both giver and receiver of pain, I embraced the reciprocity of this human experience.

Digging into the essence of love, I found it in freedom—a liberation to breathe and act without judgment. For me, love is standing by each other’s side, providing support and understanding, even if it means giving what the other truly needs rather than what one desires. However, this well-intentioned belief brought its share of pain, realizing not everyone interprets love in the same way—some seek control, others desire blind loyalty, while some yearn for acceptance or dependency. Acknowledging the validity of each interpretation, I recognized my need for freedom, space in my heart, and the ability to feel unencumbered.

In the exploration of love, I confronted the pain of breaking and hurting another. Wrestling with self-forgiveness, I traced this struggle to the needs and fears of both parties, echoing an abusive past relationship where control, threats, and manipulation were commonplace. This revelation prompted reflection on the subtle yet insidious progression of harmful actions, starting small and escalating into a cycle of pain and abuse.

Throughout 2023, I cherished the love I shared, embracing a nonjudgmental perspective that welcomes all. The ability to see light and love in every individual and the capacity to accept and forgive became pillars of my journey. Amidst the challenges, I learned that humans may act in ways that cause pain, but it often stems from their own experiences of suffering. Instead of ruthless self-absorption, empathy became my guiding principle. Recognizing our smallness in the vast universe, I understood the futility of holding onto grudges or nursing bruised egos. I adopted an attitude of letting go, guided by the wisdom encapsulated in the quote, “Why hurt yourself with anger for someone else’s behavior?”

Stepping into the new year, I carry these reflections as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the transformative power of forgiveness, and the importance of embracing love in its diverse forms. May 2024 unfold with opportunities for growth, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to cultivate a heart that is open, forgiving, and brimming with love.


  • Ayesha Samji

    Holistic Wellness and Mindfulness Specialist

    Yoga for Wellness Tanzania (Africa)

    My life's purpose revolves around guiding individuals on their journey to unlock their innate capacity for growth and wholeness. I believe that seeking assistance in navigating life's challenges is a courageous step towards self-care and personal transformation. Through our therapeutic partnership, I am dedicated to helping people discover how to make meaningful behavior changes, reduce stress, and attain a heightened sense of tranquility, presence, confidence, purpose, and connection in their daily lives. My therapeutic approach is firmly rooted in mindfulness and is enriched by extensive training and experience in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), yoga therapy, meditation, somatic therapy, and health and life coaching. I am deeply passionate about self-care and find immense fulfillment in collaborating with fellow healing professionals, including acupuncturists, nutritionists, bodyworkers, and alternative medicine practitioners, to provide holistic support on the journey to healing. My exploration of the mind-body connection began over two decades ago when I embarked on a personal journey with yoga as a young adult. Through this practice, I discovered the profound ability to soothe my nervous system, find solace in my breath, and attune to the true needs of my body. As I continued my studies in counseling, mindfulness, and yoga, I felt an innate calling towards holistic therapy. My commitment to ongoing education centers on mind-body approaches, bridging the gap between functional and conventional medicine to tailor treatments for specific medical conditions. Over the past decade, I have provided therapeutic services in diverse settings, including schools, community mental health centers, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. In these contexts, I have created and led mindfulness and trauma-informed programs, broadening community access to wellness practices such as elderly yoga, therapeutic yoga groups, mindfulness training, and self-care for healthcare providers. Currently, I collaborate with private clients, assisting them in achieving their personal health goals. Moreover, I take pride in serving as the CEO and founder of Mukti Wellness Center in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, and Yoga for Wellness Africa, an East African NGO. Through these organizations, we provide training programs to individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to fulfill our vision of making wellness and holistic healing accessible to a wider audience