The Wholehearted Practice of Living With Integrity

When people experience you, what do they remember?

Your kindness

Your passion

Your honesty

Your persistence

Your resilience

Is how you show up now who you want to be known as?

This is what defines your integrity – walking your walk and talking your talk with consistency so you become the person you’re proud of.

This month, join us on a self-reflective journey exploring who we desire to become and how we can begin to live more fully with integrity.

What would it be like to know that you’re living all out, fully embracing life and all its opportunities in a brave, bold, and beautiful way that reflects your core values?

Imagine a day where everything you intentionally choose or respond to works together allowing you to become more focused and happier. The ancient Greeks named this type of wholehearted living “Arete” – a desire to live a life of moral virtue and excellence so you meet your full potential!

Yet somewhere between Plato and Play-Doh, as busy people and parents we have largely lost this sense of purpose and drive. Our days often seem more reactive and less creative. We begin to feel less empowered and more drained as we let our focus drift away from living with purpose to simply completing mundane tasks.

So what can we do to embrace and reclaim this Arete lifestyle while in the middle of the mess?

Let’s start with these three simple steps:

1)     Name Your Purpose

What drives you to really do what you do? Is it money, position, opportunity, or recognition? Or something else entirely? Maybe you’re in your current role out of necessity as you raise your littles or care for an aging parent or grandparent. THIS is your WHY. Whatever territory you inhabit in this season, name your purpose.

2)     Define Your Value

No matter what season of life you are in now and how you spend your days, you have extreme value and significance. Let that REALLY sink in. Take a moment to reflect on and define your value and what grounds you.

3)     Live Fully

As you use your purpose as a compass and value as your fuel, now it’s time to channel your passion to embrace what’s possible when you choose to LIVE FULLY! Imagine how your life would look and feel different if you allowed yourself to live wholeheartedly with purpose.

Reflection Time

Who are you being now?

The last year likely taught you a lot about yourself. You may have some first-hand experience reflecting on deep, personal questions like:

What helps me feel more focused and productive?

How do I structure my days to stay motivated?

Who do I default to becoming when I’m stressed or struggling?

What do I really need more (or less) of now?

This season may have been one of immense self-discovery or you might still be sitting with these big questions as you unpack all that has transpired.

Wherever you are on your journey, know this: It’s never too late to start living with integrity.

Use these three steps to embrace Arete and live fully so you are known for your integrity.

Let’s have an ARETE April!


  • Leslie M. Bosserman

    Founder and Executive Coach

    Lead With Intention®

    Leslie M. Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC is an Executive Coach and Lifestyle Strategist for innovators and creative professionals leading dynamic and diverse teams. As a creative thought leader, Leslie has spoken at TEDxEustis and is currently writing a book on a decade of research around the science of Emotional Endurance. After working for a decade in higher education and student development, Leslie launched Lead With Intention® – a boutique coaching and consulting practice that specializes in leadership coaching, customized training, and organizational strategy for clients and their teams around the world. She collaborates with a range of creative professionals from entrepreneurs launching their startups to executive leaders at Fortune 500 Companies. Leslie is committed to enhancing her local community and co-created and launched The Makers Place™ with her husband. As the regions first coworking space with onsite childcare, this innovative multi-use space supports parents who need a professional workspace along with flexible childcare options. She also currently works as the Director and Site Supervisor of Mini Makers™ Preschool. Leslie has also served locally on the leadership team for TEDxSacramento as the Event Coordinator and volunteered as a coach for emerging female leaders through The Women's Impact Alliance (formerly The Coaching Fellowship). As a two-time UCLA alumna, Leslie graduated with her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications (B.A.) and a Master's of Education (M.Ed.). She is also trained as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Co-Active Training Institute, international leaders in Coach Training and Leadership Development. Before becoming a Professional Coach, Leslie worked at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she taught leadership and diversity classes as well as ran a campus-wide Leadership Certificate Program for over 500 students, faculty, and staff members. She also has worked professionally in residential life and academic research at UCLA and in Public Affairs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the U.S. Department of Energy. Leslie loves to travel and explore new places and has visited over 30 countries, including living abroad in the Middle East for a year where she volunteered at local schools in Amman, Jordan with her husband. She is an avid artist and creative who also enjoys karaoke, cooking ethnic food, supporting local coffee shops, and practicing yoga. Leslie is a novice pickleball player and an expert bargain shopper! She lives in Northern California with her husband and three young children, and travels internationally for coaching, organizational trainings, and retreat facilitation.