Find yourself mourning the death of summer because a few leaves started to change outside? Don’t be one of those folks who see autumn as nothing but a harbinger of winter – there is plenty to love about this season, so it’s best to embrace it.
Here’s how. 

1) Attack that to-do list

As awesome as the sweltering days of summer can be, they aren’t exactly the most productive ones, either. Often, it’s a battle to even muster the motivation to grill something up on the barbecue.

However, once the first shiver-inducing days of autumn arrive, the chill awakens the spirit within us in a way that makes it much easier to get stuff done. To that end, grab a list and write down everything that has fallen by the wayside during the lazy months of summer.

With no backyard parties and stifling heat to distract you, you’ll have your affairs in order again, enabling you to focus on achieving bigger goals in your career, business, and in your life.

After a busy day spent kicking butt, though, you’ll want to find a way to unwind. After all, being super productive hinges upon alternating periods of work and rest. Default to whatever helps you blow off steam; if that happens to be online gaming, we’ve got a hot tip we’d like to share with you.

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2) Go for a walk in the woods

As the temperature falls and daylight decreases in Autumn, this triggers leaves on deciduous trees to change colour. Depending on the species, they are capable of bursting out into vivid shades of red, orange, yellow, purple, and others.

With many flies in the process of dying off, there is no better time to go for a walk in the woods than now. Throw on a sweater or hoodies, grab your camera, and head off on an afternoon filled with exploration and discovery – we’ll think you’ll find doing this will only improve your well-being.

3) Enjoy pumpkin-spiced everything (and other harvest crops as well)

Yes, social media goes crazy over pumpkin-spiced lattes and other gourd-infused products, but it does so for a reason: pumpkin is bloody tasty! So, savour your fragrant coffees and indulge in multiple slices of pumpkin pie – it doesn’t last long, and it’ll be an entire year before this time comes again.

Remember that other crops are hitting farmer’s markets everywhere as well – from bushels of apples to succulent cobs of corn, fill your home with the bounty of the fields before the first snow flies.

4) Overdose on sports

With the coming of September, the NFL has kicked off, baseball is headed towards the playoffs, the NHL is set to face off in October, and the NBA tips off not long after that. On the top of this college sports are in full swing as well.

If you enjoy athletics even a little, welcome to heaven.