The world has never been changing faster and on a global scale than it is now. In some areas, it has even turned completely upside down for many.

When it comes to change we hold a lot of beliefs – change is hard, change is slow, change is painful, it’s not safe to change, and unknown is often seen as scary.
When it comes to change, many of us say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how to’ – fearfully.

And in reality, if we look at what has been happening recently as a great example, without not having much time to think about it we are just doing it – we are changing.

We are changing things we never thought were possible to change, we are changing our habits faster than we would normally do, we are being creative to find new ways to entertain ourselves, shop, exercise, work, do business. We are discovering strengths and resilience we never thought we had.
Individually, as well as on a collective level.

So let’s not forget, in what may feel like a turmoil right now, to stop and take some time to see and acknowledge how well we are dong in these new situations and pat ourselves on the back for the progress, effort and the wins.

How come we suddenly change in a blink of an eye?

When it comes to change, or anything else, it’s mainly our mind that categorises it as good or bad or useful or not, hard or easy. The thinking about change can make us feel worried, stressed or even petrified and that exact thinking is often the hardest bit, not the change itself. Often when we finally make the step, we find out.

This is not to see the mind as a problem, not at all. We want to honour it, like any other part of our being because it’s there for a good reason – meaning literally. Reasoning is the function of our mind. And it does it from the sum of previous experiences, known predictabilities and information that have been available to us until now.

What if there is another perspective we can open up to, beyond reasoning and categorising?

Looking at all the creativity, connections, sharing, solidarity emerging through all the changes going on at this time, can we really say we don’t like change?

Let’s, if you like, test some new views about change

For a moment slow down the reading, relax your body, turn your awareness into the space behind and above you, take a breath and and out, and have a wonder. Spend a few seconds with each and open to the new space.

What else, greateer than we have available now could change bring?

Could change mean new possibilities I would not even thought of because I didn’t know they can exist – but would totally improve my life?

Could change be the door into a new space where there is more ease and joy?

What’s missing currently and could change be exactly all those things I wish for?

How exciting could the unknown be?

What if change is not about losing but gaining and expanding?