In Chinese medicine the first thing we study is Cosmology and how to see our place in the Universe. We are taught to recognise the relationships between humans and the patterns and cycles of nature. In nature life breaks down in order to renew. In Human nature it’s the same. Right now many of us are experiencing upheavals in our lives. It’s an intense time, an opportunity and invitation to reset our life direction and realign with what’s important.

Major change is almost always a catalyst for growth, healing and expanding into larger versions of ourselves. When life dismantles our known reliable structures it can feel like we are breaking down. The good news, times of breakdown facilitated well can transform to breakthroughs. When transitioning through change it is vital we learn to settle the mind to manage worries and concerns. It is natural for anxiety to surface through times of uncertainty, with our attention swivelling from the future to past. Embracing change step by step, directs our mind into ‘present time focus’ where anxiety drops away.

Peaks of change can be seen as a thresholds, passageways from the old to the new. These times always involve a bit of threshing as we clarify what we need to let go and what we truly value! Going through these times can feel like we are in a dark tunnel. To avoid anxiety it’s important to turn up the light. Staying open and curious through change opens us up to unseen possibilities. This wider, higher more expanded perspective is the viewpoint of the Heart. When we listen to our Hearts we access higher views of our situations. 

Used well ‘peaks of change’ can fast shift us from one life phase into brand new beginnings. These times almost always feel chaotic with a knee jerk response for us act urgently. For this reason it’s important to SLOW DOWN and embrace ‘not-knowing’ as a natural part of life. Step by step is a potent way to navigate unexpected change, it helps to bring our mind into focus. When the thinking mind slows down to now, we can hear our Heart, our access to higher awareness. When we are more awake and aware, the picture becomes clearer and we will see our next step.

In Chinese medicine peaks of change are known as “Life Gates”. These times are powerful openings which introduce new possibilities for transforming and healing our lives. Right now widespread collective change is amplifying our individual transformations, helping us all wake up to what we couldn’t see. Used well it’s an opportunity to step by step create more balanced lives, individually and collectively.


  • Cameron Tukapua

    Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Strong Hearted Leadership Coach

    You Being You

    Cameron Tukapua synthesises her lifetime study of clinical acupuncture and professional development training into wellbeing and spiritual self-identity courses through You Being You. "As a sensitive high energy person it was massive relief to discover and start studying Chinese Medicine at age 21. It literally saved my life! Immediately I could see where I belonged in the world and how to strengthen my mind-body balance. This time tested medical tradition shows us how we connect to the world around us, and how the body-mind is one system . Teaching and learning has been a lifelong passion. For nearly a decade I owned and directed the "Christchurch College of Holistic Healing" offering full time Acupuncture practitioner training. Since 1993 I have co-led Mind-body Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Bali and New Zealand. What I know is people transform when they learn how to be their own healers and teachers. What we really need to know is inside us all. Facilitating connection to ourselves, others and universal energies, is my contribution to the Wellbeing revolution. The YBY courses provide simple clear reference points on HOW to nurture lifelong wellbeing for the body mind. The focus is on connecting to our true Heart nature. The teachings are Uplifting, Heartfelt and Unifying."