Waking up to a beautiful morning is a joyous occasion. In fact, it is a peaceful and precocious awakening. Knowing that each time arise, we are getting another chance to accomplish something, getting it right, or doing it over again, if we have to. We can become wiser, reflect on the past days, and see what it is to correct and do better.

Each and every morning is a state of renewal. We are refreshed for another day! Another chance awaits us. Another opportunity to do what we did not do before. Letting go of the shame of not doing something, we wished we had done, prior. There is a moment of feeling bad, of sensing regret, when unable to experience the beauty of getting something done. Perhaps it was procrastination. Or maybe it was not having the will power in completing what was needed, for that next step into our elevation. Whatever it may have been, we did not reach that next level, as expected. Sometimes, when that happens, we awake feeling horrible. That excess level of energy, unused, has given us a sense of defeat. Calmness arises when we have re-channeled our energy supply, properly. Furthermore, there is a kind of nourishment and beauty, when it comes to being able to have gotten things into completion, days, before.

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Its alright to have gone through those particular auras. Yet, what needs to happen is to take it as a learning lesson. You don’t want to go through that again. Which means the moment you wake out of bed in the morning, find different ways to get into a state of productivity. Select a list of endeavors you wish to accomplish for that day. It is sure to provide you with the sense of bouncing back from previous days of not having accomplished anything.

The problem with many people is how we have the tendency of staying stuck in our sense of defeat, when we awake to a new day. There is even a particular moment when we become more anxious due to the growing amount of responsibilities, we are facing. Then, we end up getting into panic mode. It gets rather scary and fearful, once the day continues to pass, and the work responsibilities start to pile up. Relax. Breathe. Slow down your pace of breath. Feel nourished in the very moment of being able to wake up. Things are coming into their own element. How important it is for you to remember that you don’t have to re-live the pains of yesterday! There is always hope in handling the most pressing situations. Yet, how we transition out of bed during the morning gives us that inner push, needed should we have fallen short in the list of goals, we were working towards.

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Playing catch up after have delayed our work responsibilities, or missing out on opportunities to have gotten ahead for our check off lists, is important. Simultaneously, we must always keep the concept of creating, in our minds. It makes “catch up” more of a softer touch. Being part of that morning ritual, where you reclaim that motivation, brings gentility to the very artistry of one’s presence. Stop beating yourself up on things that are out of your control. Stop panicking over the fact that you have taken a few set backs, when it comes to your ability to get tasks gone. See each day, as a new day. Another pressing moment is one’s ability to bring awareness to those shortcomings. It’s another endeavor in how we are able to secure patience with ourselves. Many things are needed for reflection, during these particular moments. If anything is needed for meditation, then allow it to be for the very theme of, refreshing!

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Yes, we have that period of regret. There is also that moment of feeling disgruntled, and angered, for allowing time to go by, unfulfilled. When in a state of being unproductive, there is the possibility of staying in a period of stagnation. Worry and senseless panic does nothing in getting ourselves back into the game of achievement. From the very moment that your eyes open, instead of trying to reflect on what you didn’t do, try meditating. What is it that you need to do? What are those unfinished tasks you didn’t get to? Stop panicking. Instead of reflecting on wasted time, try to interpret that “failure,” as being another opportunity to do it better. Perhaps the results would not have been as great should you have gotten things done, on the time you had planned. Whatever it may be, it serves you to know that you shouldn’t waste another moment in trying to rationalize why you have missed out on getting things done, within a reasonable amount of time.

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Another point to remember is that it is important to give yourself a break. Things are not as tense as they may seem. There are those moments when we have to release the reality that we were not at our best. Things happen. Sometimes, time slips away from our gaze. However, that may be, its very important to know how we need to give ourselves a break, sometimes. We lost time. Ok. Let it go. Move forward in the tasks, responsibilities, and creative work, needing to be done. Work through, and out of, the guilt in having fallen short. Guilt does nothing in being able to make up for lost time.

As a new day dawns, there is a new challenge, ahead. Push forward in being able to build different game plans and strategies. Envision the new days as a way of getting something new, or re-working something in a unique way. While you may not immediately forget about yesterday’s, or last weeks’ shortcomings, there is also a way of utilizing that lost energy for the restoration of the current times. Bringing that energy into fruition for a recent development or project. Each day is a new aura. Each day gives us the moment to simply, do better. There is a great aura in simply going after what is considered to be “the impossible.” It doesn’t feel good, at all to stay stuck in a state of regret for missed opportunities, missed time, and missed work. Let it go! Move forward in what you desire. There are great things in always trying, again. There is a great delight in feeling as if one has the potential to go further in one’s ambitions. Invigorating and exciting delight brings joy to the very artistry of work. Treat each day with the gentility and patience, it deserves. Sit back and watch in how the fruition of one’s delight starts to bloom.

(Source: www.freepik.com); Edits By Lauren K. Clark


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